We need a Blogcation.

I didn’t get to write my Valentine’s Day post because of course, the children started to fuss the minute I sat down to write it. And by the time I had finished changing two diapers, preparing Nolan’s lunch, nursing little Piglet, getting Nolan to sleep, nursing P again, straightening up the house, starting dinner, changing more diapers (get the point yet?)… it was too late.
SO with that being said and after having a little convo with the fabulous Erin from Two Thirds Hazel, I decided that in case I needed to convince myself or my significant other that we need to take a trip together, now was the time.
Z and I got married after his Turning Blue ceremony following 16 week OSUT (One Stop Unit Training). He stayed in Georgia for three more weeks to complete Airborne School ( I returned to Ohio) and then he reported to Fort Drum, NY, where I would join him a week later. We spent one month together as newlyweds before he deployed to Afghanistan for 10 months. We had planned a wedding celebration upon his return but without knowing the exact date, his ability to take time off, and with a new baby (did I mention I was pregnant while he was gone?), it just never happened.
Fast forward two years and again, he would leave (thankfully stateside) for four months and miss the end of my second pregnancy. When he returned, we picked up and moved to Georgia, welcomed our baby girl into the world, and were thrown into his new job and my new job as a mommy of two.
Life’s been hard lately… I won’t sugar coat that in the least bit. It’s double the diapers, double the “I need mommy”, double the crying, double the fighting bedtimes, double the baby crap, double strollers (no pun intended), double them needing my attention. So do the math; where does that leave time for my husband?
He works all day and then comes home to me, a crazy and frantic stay-at-home-mom who, if I’m lucky, has eaten a meal or brushed my teeth by 5 p.m. And what does he do? He jumps right into the roll of Daddy. He takes Nolan outside to play soccer or to burn some energy at the playground. He changes their diapers, or builds a new train track, or picks up the plastic food that Nolan decided to throw all over the house hours earlier. He works full-time as a soldier and then full-time as a Dad.
And then there’s me; I work full-time as a wife, a Mom, a maid, a blogger, a cook, a doctor, a chauffeur, a princess or fairy or evil superhero, or whatever else my son tells me I need to be that day. It’s HARD work. Am I complaining about getting to stay home with my babies? NOT at all. In any way. Because I am so blessed to be able to do so and let’s be honest, I was never made out for corporate America anyways. But just like any job, it’s a job. And it’s hard.
So when I heard about Blogcation, my heart went pitter patter. Not only would this be THE opportunity for me to meet a ton of other bloggers who I’ve creepily obsessed over and made relationships with over the past two years, but it would be the chance for my husband and I to take a much needed vacation, just the two of us.
To make up for our lack of wedding, and honeymoon, and the stress that has come with the trials and tribulations of military life. Deployments, and trainings, and babies, and moving. WE NEED A BREAK.


So mark my words, I am going to do everything I can to make this trip happen. Sure, it will be the first time I’ve ever been away from my babies and the cruise leaves on P’s 1st birthday. But I think she will forgive me and hey, we will celebrate early and she will never even know!
But I need this. My husband needs this. We need this. I often lose myself in my children because that’s my personality to do so; I’m a lover, and I love them more than they will ever know. But I’m a person. I’m a wife. And I deserve a week away with my blogger besties and my fabulous husband.
So bring on the frozen drinks, the little umbrellas, the top knots, the red lipstick, the selfies, and everything else I know and love from being a blogger. THIS girl is ready for a Blogcation.


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