A new chapter.

A new chapter.

It’s been 6 years since I started this blog. 6 years of marriage. 6 years of military life.

Over the past 6 years we’ve lived in 3 different states, experienced 2 deployments, and welcomed 2 children into the world.

We’ve had wonderful experiences, made life-long friendships, and been places we’d never thought possible.

There have been ups and downs, we’ve taken the bad with the good, and we’ve both made sacrifices in our own ways.

I had a really hard time adjusting to the military life when this journey first began. I was young, pregnant, emotional, and lacked life experience. I was angry, I was frustrated, and I felt more alone than I ever had in my life. I lashed out a lot at the fact my husband was always gone, mostly because I missed him but also because I didn’t understand that’s what I was marrying into. I didn’t know anything about the military or what the lifestyle entailed beforehand so it was a really hard transition for me.

Everything was happening so quickly and I had just been diagnosed with anxiety. Which down the road would later be diagnosed as anxiety, depression, and panic disorder. I’ve since gotten all of it under control (for the most part) but as you can imagine, it wasn’t an easy time in my life.

But I’ve learned a lot in the past 6 years. I’ve grown to be a more supportive and appreciative wife. I’ve learned to be a mother and accept the fact that I’m not perfect. I’ve learned to be independent, take care of a household, and be flexible. I’ve been forced to adapt to my surroundings, ask for help when I need it, and make do with what I have. I can honestly say the person I was 6 years ago is not the person I am today. But for the better.

And now, it’s time for a new chapter. Over the next few months, my husband will be transitioning out of the military.

To be honest, we weren’t expecting this. We thought we had at least 6 more years left. And then from there, we assumed we’d continue to 20 and he’d retire. But God had a different plan for us and that’s what we’re rolling with. He’s done his duty as a soldier and it’s time to jump back into the civilian world.

It’s scary, no doubt. This is all we’ve known as a married couple. So where are we going now?

A new chapter.


We’ve decided that a move back to Cleveland, Ohio is in everyone’s best interest. We both grew up in the area and my family is still there. It’s where we want to settle down and raise our kids. So far, the stars have aligned and we’ve found a house we love. We aren’t sure when Z’s official last date will be but we ask that you please keep us in your prayers as he looks for employment and we transition.

We’re hoping this is our last move for awhile, if not ever. Our kids have adapted when they’ve needed to and we’ve started from scratch, three times over now. It’s time for a fresh start in a familiar place. And we couldn’t be more excited for this new adventure to begin.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us, cheered us on, and followed our journey over the past 6 years. Stay tuned because the adventure isn’t over, it’s just a new chapter 🙂 XO




  • Patricia

    Thinking about you and praying for you as you make this transition! So thankful for Z and all his service. And for you and the sacrifices you made.

    • Samantha

      Thank you love bug! Miss you dearly and hope to see you soon! xo

  • Liane

    When Anthony left the army, I knew that it would be an adjustment for him but I wasn’t expecting the adjustment to be just as hard for me. Getting use to civilian life again was hard but it got a lot easier over time!
    Good luck with the move!

    • Samantha

      Thank you friend! I hope it goes smoothly… fingers crossed! xo

  • Emily

    Wishing you all the best as you begin this new journey! Cleveland is a great city.

    • Samantha

      Thank you! We can’t wait to get back! xo

  • Jackie

    So exciting!! Good luck + sending prayers <3

    • Samantha

      Thank you so much! Really appreciate it <3

  • Cheila

    Good luck for you and your family, Samantha! Everything will fall into place and you’ll be very happy.

    • Samantha

      Thank you! We sure hope so! xo

  • Cleveland Rocks! Good luck!

  • Annie - XO, Annie

    I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that you’ll be moving back to CLE. I know you grew to love ATL and like DC, but I always felt your heart was elsewhere, so it’s great to learn CLE was able to bring y’all back to where your hearts were :).

    Happy Friday and weekend, dear. Stay safe and YAY you’re moving back where y’all wanted!

    • Samantha

      Thank you friend! We are excited, nervous, and everything in between. But have faith it will all work out the way it’s supposed to <3

  • Marette Flora

    Congratulations on your upcoming move! Sending good vibes that it’s a smooth transition.

    • Samantha

      Thank you so much! I appreciate it!

  • Lauren

    I am so glad that you will be able to settle down! But what a scary unknown chapter! What does Z want to do? It’s scary but so exciting!! Prayers coming your way. Xoxo

    • Samantha

      Thank you! And he would like to stay in the same field but we will see. He’s open to anything! xo

  • Antoinette

    My husband just hit 6 years with the Army and we are always thinking of if he should stay longer or get out. Good luck in you transition back to civilian life. Sending lots of happy thoughts your way!

    • Samantha

      We’re at 6.5 and thought we would be in for 20 after everything but I guess we will take this as a sign. Wishing you the best too! xo

  • Maddy

    happy to hear that for your family! My parents are actually in Toledo, OH, where I was born and raised. I had a great childhood and I’m sure you will all be so happy in Cleveland. best of luck with the craziness of the move 🙂

    xo, Maddy

  • Samantha

    Congratulations! Ohio is a great place without a doubt, and it’s going to be great having new adventures together 🙂 Wishing you the best!

  • Edwina

    Good Luck Samantha!

  • Jen

    Wishing you guys all the best!!! I’m glad you will be able to be close to family! 🙂

  • Kelly

    So excited for this next chapter of your life!!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Alyssa

    My husband and I moved back home after his 5-year contract with the Marines was up. Not going to lie, it was VERY hard. Best advice I can give you is to have patience with each other and the process. I know I was having an identity crisis since I was no longer a “Marine wife” so I can’t IMAGINE what he was going through.
    Best of luck to you.

    • Samantha

      Do you have any advice for the transition??! It’s been 6.5 years and it’s all we’ve ever known since we’ve been married. Would love any advice!

  • Hanna

    Been going through your blogs and came to this update. I hope you are doing well and your blog and site has been an inspiration. Keep it up!

    • Samantha

      You are SO sweet! Thank you so much! <3

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