Man gifts.

Shopping for women is easy; clothes, purses, shoes, spa. Well, that’s all stuff I would like anyway…

But shopping for men is always more difficult. I’m usually searching racks of clothing and going up and down the aisles of sporting goods stores trying to figure out what the heck to get the men in my life.

When I heard about Jay Bird headphones, I knew it was an easy solution to my problem! I mean, what man doesn’t need headphones? I’m not trying to generalize here but I’m pretty sure all men have a habit of losing things. So in that case, they can never have enough headphones!

Jay Bird offers a variety of different headphones; over the ears, ear buds, wireless, blue tooth, etc. They’re perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle and let’s face it, that’s most of us these days! They offer a lifetime warranty against damage from sweat (uh, yes please), voice prompts for easy use and more. As seen on their website, here’s a little more about them:

Changing the game is about challenging everything we know and accept about the products we design. BlueBuds X rewrites the rules of Bluetooth audio, delivering a sound you’ve never heard before.

BlueBuds X are the smallest Bluetooth headphones available, yet they pack an
incredible 8 hours of play time, double that which has previously been possible
from a product this small. Enjoy a full day of music and calls, or work out an hour
a day for an entire week on a single charge.

BlueBuds X is locked and loaded ready for anything you can dish out. Patented sports ear cushions hug into the top, back & lower surface areas of the ear, all essential for sports.

Right now, you can enter to win a pair of Jay Bird headphones… and have a chance to win daily! But even if you don’t win, be sure to check them out for all the men (or women) in your lives.

Happy shopping!


“Be sure to check out this FREE app.. a must have for military life!”




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