Once again, my strength was tested this week. Lucky for me I have an amazing support system from these two boys, family, friends, and my lovely bloggy friends. 
So thank you to everyone who made me smile! 
Linking up with Lauren for H54F… TGIF 🙂 

1// Riding the carousel at the mall. Like seriously, what is this face? Such a ham…
2//Bdubs with my love. Fun fact, I LOVE their fries and queso; so much that I got 
into a fight with my husband about dipping his fries in my queso. Not a real fight, a little kid fight. I’ll elaborate on that another day…
3// These top two demon teeth are finally through! I don’t even want to imagine what the molars are going to be like…say a prayer.
4// Found this baby at Forever 21 for $7! Best steal of the week. 
5// Snuggling will never get old. 
Have a great weekend everyone! 
“Conquering life one step and one museum at a time.”




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