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Meet Molly.

Molly (Nolan wanted to name her Elsa…but we went with Molly :))
This is Molly. She’s an 11 week old Anatolian Shepard and she became the sixth member of our family Saturday afternoon.
I know what you’re thinking and yes, I think I’m crazy too.
But hear me out.
We were leaving Target and I saw a man with a chicken wire fence full of puppies. They had a sign on them that said “Anatolian Shepherd Puppies $150 $75″. Now as a dog person and also someone who has seen way too many dogs end up in the wrong hands, this broke my heart.
There are A LOT of people in the world who see a sign, “puppies for sale” and a dirt cheap price, and think that’s it. They don’t think about the expenses that come after the puppy comes home; the puppy needs food, a bed, a collar, toys, water/food bowls, a leash, etc. And even more pricey are the vet bills; shots, heart worm medication, Frontline, etc. Dogs. Are. Not. Cheap.
SO when I saw this dog for dirt cheap, it broke my heart. It wasn’t the price tag on the dog, but rather the open door for some irresponsible person to possibly come along, buy the dog, and then decide in a few days, weeks, or months that it’s too expensive, too much work, etc. Said dog would then be dropped off at a shelter, given away, or left for dead somewhere.
Am I being dramatic? Maybe. But that’s what went through my head in that moment. Although this wasn’t exactly adopting, I felt in my heart that I was giving this dog a wonderful home to grow up in. We already have a black lab and she would have someone to be with her while she adjusted to life without her mom, dad, and siblings. She would grow up with two kids and parents loving on her and taking care of her as if she were one of us.
And to me, that was the only convincing I needed. There are millions of dogs out there that need homes and although I can’t help them all, I feel like I saved this one little doggy from a parking lot catastrophe.
Her dad was an Anatolian Shepherd and her mom was a Collie so it will be interesting to see how big she gets. I’m guessing anywhere between 80-90 lbs. Guess we will see!
Molly has been great with our babies and Charlie and although it’s going to be a lot more interesting with two babies and two dogs, I know it will be worth it. For all of us.
So here’s to being a family of six <3


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