Throwback Thursdays: College Edition

I really miss college. 
I don’t miss the binge drinking, staying up until 2 am or waking up hung over
and going to class (ok, maybe a little), but I miss my friends.
I miss waking up and walking downstairs to our frat house
smelling living room. I miss reminiscing about the night before and laughing at
our shenanigans at the bars.
 I miss always
having someone to go to lunch or dinner with, or stay in and watch a movie.
I just miss my friends being 2 feet away instead of 2,000
miles away.
It’s been a big adjustment moving so far away. I’ve met
people and made friends, hoping to feel that same feeling I felt with my
college roommates.
Although I’ve met some awesome women and developed a
friendship on the common ground of our husbands’ being soldiers, it’s a different
type of friendship.
My roommates knew me in and out; they knew what I was like
in the morning or how to cheer me up when I had a bad day. I’d find little
notes in my room or extravagant birthday celebrations each year.
They’d seen me cry and laugh and drunk and crazy and
studious and focused and driven.
They’d seen it all.
When we graduated, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I
moved back in with my parents and after living with 5 of the most amazing girls
I had ever met, I knew my life was going to change.
But what I didn’t realize was that it already had.
These girls had changed me forever. They had called me out
when I needed to be, picked me up when I was down, and taught me life lessons without even knowing it.
They had set the bar for friendships and I knew I was
forever changed.
Although most of us are living in different states right now, we
still make it a point to keep in touch and plan reunions when we can. They were
there for me after the birth of my son, for my birthdays when Z was gone, for Bubba’s first
birthday, and I know they will be for many many more.
No one friendship is alike; that’s what makes them
beautiful. Some friends are your go to party friends, some friends can call you
and you talk for an hour before you realize it’s been that long. Some friends
are more sensitive, some friends don’t cry at all and won’t put up with your
emotional rants, and some friends inspire you to push yourself harder.
I’ve learned not to compare friendships but to embrace the
beauty of each one. Although I wish I lived closer or even back to living in a house
with these women, I know that the memories we made will last a life time. And
so will our friendships. 
Miss you Uptown Girls, love you forever and always <3

How do you keep in touch with old friends? 

“Conquering life one step and one museum at a time.”




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