Wednesday Confessions


Well here we are… another Wednesday! Which means halfway through the week aka almost to the weekend. I know, we shouldn’t be living for the weekends and we should be enjoying our lives everyday. And I do, of course. But the weekends mean my whole family is together, work is minimal, and I’m less stressed. SO I’ll be working for the weekends just like everyone else.

What do I have to confess this week??

I confess…


I’m still unorganized. I can’t seem to get my life together and now that we have tee ball, life just got even crazier. Oh and tee ball in the south y’all? INTENSE. He had uniform fittings, opening ceremonies, the whole shabang. But I love every minute of it.

I currently have two piles of clean laundry sitting on my couch. I HATE folding laundry. And how is there even so much laundry to do? It never ends.

I have been kind of on edge the past few weeks with everything going on but I hope I’m finally onto something. Motherhood isn’t easy. Living thousands of miles from family isn’t easy. Working from home isn’t easy. Mental illness isn’t easy. Totally not complaining, just simply stating the facts. We all have challenges and over the past few months, I’ve been tested over and over again.

We don’t go to church. My friend and I had a discussion about it last week and it got me thinking. Should we go? But we should go because we want to go, not because we feel like we should go. I feel that I try to live my life the way I was brought up to live my life. I believe in God, I pray every night, my kids are learning about religion in school, but will going to church once a week make me a better person? I personally don’t think so. If you have insight into this please let me know because I really want to hear all view points and theories on why it’s important to go 🙂

I’m super excited to go line dancing this weekend. I’ve started taking lessons and I got to put my steps to the test last Saturday. It’s seriously so fun and it’s something I get to do for myself. Dancing has always been one of my greatest passions and I’ll take it in any form I can get it 🙂 The only thing I hate? Bars in Georgia allow you to smoke in them. So I come home smelling disgusting and it takes me a good two showers to get clean. I try to ignore it while I’m there but I really wish they would jump on board with the no-smoking thing… ick.

I have so many shows to catch up on! Teen Mom, Fear the Walking Dead, I am Cait So. Many. Which brings me to my next confession…

I am SO excited for Teen Mom 2 to start! They suck me in every time… I can’t wait.

Our wedding anniversary is tomorrow! 5 years y’all… crazy right?! I picked out my own anniversary present back in December (don’t judge) but other than that, we don’t have anything planned. I have a few things up my sleeve but now it’s finding the time to do it! One of my favorite traditions? Each year we take a picture holding the previous year’s picture. This was last years so I printed it out to get it ready for this year 🙂

I’m feeling pretty down about my body image right now. I’ve been eating like crap and I seriously can’t find the time to workout. Sometimes I miss the days when working out was easy; get up, go to the gym, get ready for work at the gym, go to work, go to the gym again if I wanted, and go home. Yeah none of that. Do they have childcare? When will I work if I workout instead? Blah. I need to find time and I need to get on a schedule but it’s seriously been so hard to do that. How do you do it?



I’ve been a little lazy lately. But for good reasons. I stopped to look at my babies the other day and realized they’re not babies anymore. Which made me super sad and I decided I need to stop and smell the roses more often. So if they ask me to come snuggle them or come play outside I do. It makes me anxious because I know I have work or other stuff that needs done but in the long run, I need these moments with my babies too.

Alright… your turn… what do you confess?! 




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