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Mother’s Day Weekend Recap


What a weekend guys. This weekend certainly had it’s ups and downs and I’m still trying to wrap my head around all of it. There wasn’t a single dull moment, that’s for sure…

I was browsing the watches at Target on Wednesday when I noticed one of them looked like my gold Michael Kors watch that I got for my anniversary. And then I thought hmm, I haven’t worn that in awhile, where is it? So I came home expecting to find it on my watch rack with the rest of my watches and I couldn’t. Insert panic. Want to know what happens when someone with anxiety can’t find something important they’re looking for? It consumes them. They can’t stop thinking about it, day in and day out. And here we are, Monday morning, and I still haven’t found it nor have I given up searching. I’m so upset and in such a bad mood because of it. Life must go on and yes, it’s just a watch and can be replaced (which I already ordered another one on a whim because I was so upset) but it’s the principal. I never lose anything like that and I refuse to believe it’s gone.

So besides looking for my watch all weekend, we had a ton of things to do! Nolan and P’s school hosted “Muffins with Mom and Donuts with Dad” on Friday morning and it was super cute. How perfect are these little gifts?! Friday night consisted of pizza, catching up on our DVR’d shows and heading to bed early.

IMG_9969 2IMG_0007

We woke up Saturday and headed to Nolan’s last tee ball game…tear. It was so sad! He’s come so far this season and I am so proud of him. I can’t wait for the next sport to start! We met our friend downtown to prep for his surprise engagement! It was seriously so cute and she was so caught off guard. And Amy was there to capture it all. I spied from across the river and was almost in tears.. I just love love. We headed to lunch and a celebratory drink and then headed home to get ready for the second part of the day.


I received an invite from Lime-A-Rita to attend their Cinco Saturday at Big Sky in Buckhead. Featuring a DJ set by Snoop Dogg and live performance by Nelly. Say what?! My 7th grade heart was so happy and it was such a cool event. I will say that I was not dressed appropriately and would have had way more fun had I been in a more casual, light, and airy outfit. And certainly something other than heels. I was also super annoyed that Snoop Dogg was supposed to be on 8:15-9:45 and then Nelly was supposed to perform from 9:45-10:45. Snoop didn’t START until 9:45 so it was super annoying that we were just sitting around waiting for 3 hours and 45 minutes. But drinks and apps were decent and it was a pretty cool venue. Oh and the car service was fun too, minus getting car sick on the way there.


Sunday was Mother’s Day and Z had to head out of town. So he had set up my presents and cards the night before and I opened them with the kids when I got up. Lady picked out this tote and purple candle and Nolan picked out the Minnie Mouse cup and red candle. And then Z picked out (and by that I mean I picked out) this Funktional Wearables FitBit wrap bracelet. The kids and I grabbed donuts and headed to the playground (our standard Sunday morning), stopped at Target, and then came back to play in the pool and backyard. We had a lot of fun today and I’m just so blessed to have such amazing babies!


The kids (and the mama) were exhausted after the long day so they were in bed pretty early. Which meant a little rest and relaxation for me 🙂

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and a belated Happy Mother’s Day to all of the badass, strong, hard-working mamas out there. You’re doing a great job! xo




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