Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends! And it certainly is a happy Friday 🙂 The past few months I’ve almost dreaded weekends because it meant playing zone defense (outnumbered by my kids) but now that Z is home, I love weekends again 🙂 We also have a lot of fun things going on this weekend and I’m so excited to kick it off today!

Z hasn’t started work at his new job yet so we’ve been getting things done around the house. And Monday we decided to kick down a wall on a whim. Which then meant a trip to a few different stores to get the materials to fix it. And since it is our housewarming party tonight it was slightlyyyyyyyy urgent. But for not knowing what we were doing, it doesn’t look terrible. Or at least that’s what I will keep telling myself…

Mules… anyone else obsessed? To be honest, I hated them at first. But now, I’m totally living for them. Comfortable, trendy, and easy to run out of the house! These were from Marshall’s and less than $25 but these are similar and I want themmmmm.

I’ve been getting massages twice a month because my back has been SO terrible. It’s making such a difference and I love having something to look forward to. She also recommended this to use between treatments so it’s currently on my wish list!

Yesterday Z and I headed on a sponsored trip to Eastwood Mall for shopping and lunch! We did a lot of our Christmas shopping for the kids and even grabbed a few things for ourselves.  And after shopping, we headed to Firebirds for lunch. Seriously might have been the best food I’ve ever had in my life. And while we certainly didn’t choose the healthiest options, it was worth every calorie.

I’ve been feeling slightly unmotivated and so so tired. Oh and the gym? What’s that? I’ve gone like twice in the past three months. I used to love it and I looked forward to it everyday and I’m hoping to find that motivation again. Oh and maybe eat a little healthier too. But I’m doing the best I can and adjusting to the new norm. So for now, I’m just trying to do the best I can. I know I will get it together someday.

Alright friends, time to kick off the weekend! Z’s entire family is coming to town and we have a lot of stuff planned. Stay tuned for a recap next week! Have a great weekend! XO



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