Our baby girl has a name…

After lengthy lists, long debates, and a ton of going back and forth, we’ve finally settled on the perfect name for our baby girl…
We kept going back to Paisley on our list but we wanted something more original. SO, we took other names we were considering and combined the spelling combinations we’ve seen on other names and came up with this! 
Grace was my Great Grandma’s name and I am so honored to be able to include that part of my family history in our new breath of life. 
Bubba can’t say Paislee but for now, I’m okay with him calling her “P”. He is seriously going to be the best big brother in the world and I cannot wait to see them together for the first time. 
I have a doctors appointment in a few weeks and then my 19 week scan a few weeks after that. I feel in my heart that it’s a girl but I am just SO nervous that the tech is going to tell me otherwise! But there were two women in my early scan and they both agreed that it was a girl… so I’m really hoping that’s the case (otherwise I’ve got a lot of returns to make!)
Hope everyone had a great weekend; we’re slowly but surely getting our house ready for the movers and looking for somewhere to live in Georgia. I’m trying not to stress and hoping that everything just falls into place when it’s supposed to. The Big Guy hasn’t failed me yet so I just need to sit back and breathe. 
Happy Monday! 


“She’s super fab and puts the “Mer” in America…Check her out!”




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