16 months old and a reminder!

Dear Bubba, 
You’re 16 months old today! Here are a few of your favorite things. Of course, you’ve become your own little man and hate help with anything. You still love to cuddle so I guess I’ll deal with the other things in exchange for plenty of kisses and cuddles. 
You love to kick the ball! Daddy couldn’t be more excited, because he hopes you’ll be a soccer player like him. You’ve finally decided to sleep in your own bed (for most of the night) although I find it harder to sleep without you. 
You’ve started saying mini sentences too; “MY mommy” is my favorite 🙂 I can’t believe how smart you are! You know how to count to three and we’re working on your colors now. 
You’ve been such a blessing Bubba and we love you so much! Stay little, okay? 
Don’t forget to grab a button and link up on Tuesday as Neely and I bring you a “Why I Started Blogging” one day link up! Looking forward to reading everyone’s story 🙂 
Have a great day! 
Hooah and Hiccups
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