Our family’s experience with Culligan Water

This post was sponsored by Culligan Water as part of an Integrated Program for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Spring is a chance for a fresh start. The whole “spring cleaning” thing is real! It feels SO good to declutter your closets, open the windows, and breathe in that fresh air you’ve been longing for all winter. We’ve been making a lot of upgrades and small renovations to the home and installing a Culligan Water filtration and softener system was something we were super excited to do.

As the weather starts to warm up, there will be nothing more important than staying hydrated (and keeping that skin protected by sunscreen of course!) But hydration is something I always struggle with, especially when I’m pregnant.

Over the past few months, I’ve been really paying attention to how much water I’ve been drinking. And after having a Culligan Water filtration system installed, it hasn’t been as difficult to remember as it used to be. Call me crazy, but I can TOTALLY taste a difference in the quality of water. Even my kids can! When we go to someone else’s house or out to eat, they tell me the water “tastes funny” and I have to shush it so they don’t sound rude. But I think that says a lot that we notice a difference 🙂

I’ve also noticed that filling our Keurig with the filtered water makes our coffee taste smoother and less grainy tasting. I love being able to fill the kids’ water bottles with fresh filtered water and not have to worry about the quality of the water or wasting plastic water bottles on-the-go.

We had a water softener installed too, and we’ve also noticed changes in small ways. I haven’t noticed a crazy difference in the quality of our clothing after washing but I think that’s something that comes with time. Less harsh water means less wear on your clothes when doing laundry.

When it comes to hard and soft water when showering, I can tell the most difference in my hair. I’ve been places where they’ve had hard water and my hair ends up tangled, stringy, and frizzy. It’s super hard to get a good lather and it leaves deposits all over my locks. No bueno! Soft water removes the calcium and magnesium and helps balance the pH of the hair, leaving it healthier, silky, and smooth.

I’m also a huge fan of at-home pampering and love how the soft water makes bubble baths bubblier! It’s also gentle on my skin when cleansing and rinsing my weekly facemask off.

One of the best parts of working with Culligan Water has been their commitment to customer service. They’ve been nothing but helpful during install and follow-up, and just a phone call away if we need anything. They truly take pride in their product and providing families with solutions to their needs when it comes to the water in their homes.

Our family's experience with Culligan Water

We sometimes take for granted what a privilege it is to have fresh drinking water or clean water in our showers. Everyday is a good water day with Culligan Water and I’m so pleased with our decision to install these two systems!

If you’re still curious or want more information, be sure to visit the Culligan Water website.

Do you have a water filtration system or water softener? What made you decide to get one?

Our family's experience with Culligan Water



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