Adult weekend.



Kiki La’Rue dress c/o// Coach purse (old)// Lauren Conrad Sandals// Timex watch c/o// Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses// Tom Personalized Jewelry necklace
You’re probably thinking my weekend sounds a lot cooler than it’s going to be. And when I say “adult weekend”, I mean that these are things you do when you’re an adult with two kids. But honestly, I don’t think I would have it any other way. These are my happy times; my husband, my kids, and making memories 🙂
Today, we’re going to watch my friend’s husband graduate from Airborne school and Nolan is going to have a blast watching the Silver Wings jump out of helicopters. This boy loves “army” guys and it always melts my heart to hear “daddy wears that!” over and over again…
I’m going into work for a few hours later and then our night will probably consist of playing outside, movies before bed, and bed by 9. #notevenmad
Tomorrow morning is Nolan’s gym class, followed by our typical Starbucks run and walk down by the river. We have a kid birthday party for a friend and Nolan’s going to freak out when Batman shows up as the special guest!
We will probably head to the pool on Sunday, catch up on laundry, and clean this disastrous house. I wish my house looked like a Pinterest board but it definitely looks more like an ad for a cleaning solution. As in we need to do a lot of cleaning this weekend. Dog hair? Not my friend.
I’m also going to try and pack and get things ready for our trip next week! I know I’ll be busy with work before I take this glorious vacation and want to be prepared as possible. Miss P HATES her car seat though so if you’ve been in a position like that, I would love any advice on when we should leave, what we should do, etc. We’ve traveled with Nolan but traveling with two seems like a whole new ballgame…
Hope you all have a great weekend! See you all Monday 🙂


“Grab a glass of wine, lace up your running shoes and stop by for a visit!”




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