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Drive-in Family Movie Night

As most of you know, my husband is away for four months of training with the army. Since he left, I’ve made it my job to make sure my Bubba is happy, content, and getting all of the attention he needs and deserves.
Because going out to dinner and the movies is near impossible with a toddler, I decided it would be fun to create our own little drive-in movie, complete with a snack bar and all the fixings!
We had to get to the movie somehow, so to complete our drive-in, I made cars out of a few simple materials!
2 boxes
Two different color rolls of wrapping paper
Scotch Tape
Duct Tape
Paper plates
I just wrapped the boxes in the wrapping paper and taped the edges down. Next, I attached the wheels and lights (paper plates) with Scotch Tape. I then added Duct Tape to make them look more like cars than boxes 🙂 And voila, you have your cars for the drive-in!
They didn’t last very long, but I think he enjoyed them for a little while.
And he got to eat dinner in a car… how cool is that?
One of the best parts about the whole night was that it was super affordable! I already had the chalk boards and Hot Dog Roller laying around, so my only costs included the car materials and food. I purchased everything at Walmart for less than $25!
We had a great time together and I certainly enjoyed planning an easy and fun meal! Who says we have to grow up just because we aren’t kids anymore? Having children gives us the perfect excuse to embrace our inner child and remember what it’s like to be that age again 🙂
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