Vacation and a teaser

As most of you know, I’ve been EXTREMELY stressed out waiting to hear when and where we will be heading after Z completes 15 weeks of training (oh yeah, we don’t know that date yet either). It’s been absolutely insane and I feel like we’re being toyed with. But, that’s the Army for you and I decided I needed to get away and out of my own head until further notice.
So this little sleeping beau and I traveled 6 hours to my parents house yesterday! 30 minutes after we left and this is what I turned around to find…
So I jammed out to all of the necessary road trip songs…
Half way there and this is still my Co-Captain’s take on the trip…new comfortable position as seen here…
But after two stops and a PERFECT baby, we made it! First stop, the beach down the street 🙂
And treated ourselves to a treat, of course. When daddy’s away the kids will play…

It’s also the neighborhood wide garage sales this weekend and last night was a “sneak peek” for residents only. I stumbled upon this gem which of course took me straight back to childhood. I am obsessed with old school and vintage toys and if I could find more clean and complete ones like this, that’s all Bubba would have!
Oh and about that teaser? We have some exciting news to share! Butttttttttttttt you’ll have to come back on Monday to find it out what it is! 🙂


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