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Easter basket ideas for kids

Looking for a few Easter basket ideas for kids? Read more below! Affiliate links present. 

It’s hard to believe Easter is right around the corner but it will be here before we know it! Deciding what to put in the kids Easter baskets can be a challenge some years depending on what the kids are into. I always get them a few toys/activities and of course some candy. You have to have some candy, it’s Easter! But in moderation my friends, moderation.

So today I wanted to share Easter basket ideas for kids. I’m going to break it down by gender and ages too, but of course this is just what I’m doing for my kids, no gender role assigning here. If my girls were into trucks and my son was into babies, you better believe that’s what they’d be getting. So again, this is simply based off my kids and their current interests.

easter basket ideas for toddler girls

Toddler girl: 21 months

This age is probably my favorite because she is so excited and interested in everything. She’s learning the ways of the world and everything is new and exciting for her! So here’s what I’m doing this year for her basket:

Carrot teether

Easter book

Maraca Egg Shakers

Cuddle + Kind Doll

Mess free coloring

Hide and Squeak eggs

easter basket ideas for 6 year old girls

Girl- 6 years old: 

She’s the ultimate girly girl so she’s into makeup, dress-up, babies, Barbies, etc. I try to buy things that are educational, entertaining, and hands-on. Here are the items I’m putting in her basket:

Color by number 


Cuddle + Kind doll

Lip Smackers

Sleep mask

It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny book

Boy- 8 years old:

He’s always my tricky one. Whether it’s birthday, Christmas, Easter… boys are just harder in my opinion. I never know what’s cool or lame (and I know it’s just the beginning! ha) But here’s what I chose this year:

Secret Decoder Activity Book

Cuddle + Kind doll

Master a million bounce ball

Zombie plant seeds (This one intrigued me; apparently the plants “play dead” and “die” when you touch them and then come back to life!)

Sports watch

Light up tracing pad 

easter basket ideas for kids

And then as I mentioned, I’ll be adding candy as well (a little, not a ton.. but it’s Easter!) Because of everything going on this year, it may take longer to get these items, so place your orders ASAP! Let me know if you have any questions! xo


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  • Kelly

    Such good ideas, so sad I won’t be able to do Easter with kids this year, they make it so fun!

    xx Kelly
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