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DIY “Welcome Home” Kit for Soldiers

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When Zach returned home from Afghanistan, he was greeted by myself, our son, and our friends. I ran to hug him, buried my head in his chest, and thanked God for bringing him home safely. I watched other friends reunite with their loved ones and slowly, the auditorium emptied as families headed home together for the first time in 12 months.
A lot of Zach’s friends were single and I asked him where they were going after the ceremony had ended. He told me they would be heading back to their barracks rooms, new rooms, which means they would be completely empty and bare. Most of them had no family to greet them because with the military, there’s never a guarantee they will be home when they are scheduled to be. So these men and women, these selfless men and women who had just returned from war, would be returning to a room with four walls and nothing more.
And this broke my heart.

Although I feel every soldier returning home should receive rockstar treatment, that isn’t always the case. And on top of everything else, “redeploying” (integrating back into life with spouses, kids, etc) can be difficult as it is, and sometimes big parties aren’t the best idea right off the bat.
But with that being said, soldiers returning to empty barracks room should at least have something else waiting for them!


Soldiers receive a ton of items like the ones above when they are deployed but like I mentioned above, once they return home and are headed back to the barracks, they will have nothing. By purchasing just a few of the items above or below and writing a thank you card, these soldiers will at least have something to make them smile when walking into their empty rooms.
These Cubero Cigars would be the perfect touch to welcome these men and women home from a long and stressful year. Returning home safely is such a gift and these men and women deserve to relax and celebrate their accomplishments. Cubero is a high quality tobacco brand within the cigar industry with multiple different products… and they can even be purchased at your local Walmart!


You can donate these items to any United Service Organizations (USO) or Family Readiness Group (FRG) nearest you! If you have any questions, I’d be happy to help direct you in the right direction as well!
Thank you to all of those who serve our country… you’re all heroes in my eyes 🙂



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