Bubba is 17 Months Old!

Dear Bubba Man, 
Another month of recaps and yet again, you blow me away with your cuteness and intelligence. I don’t know how I got so lucky to be YOUR mommy, but I thank God everyday for giving me the best job in the world. 
This month, you started forming sentences! You say things like “Is sad” when we pretend cry, “Where are you?” and my favorite, “I pooped”. Once you understand to tell me you need to poop instead of the fact that you already did, we will really be in business. 
But even more amazing, you count to EIGHT! You wait for us to initiate with 1 and then you take off! You know exactly where daddy’s work is every time we pass it and you bring things to me when I ask. You. Are. So. Smart. You make me so proud to be your mama, Little One.
And your newest thing? You started giving BIG hugs; you wrap your arms around my neck and squeeze and it’s the best feeling in the world. You fall asleep by laying in my arms and playing with my hair, and although sometimes you hurt me when you pull it, I know how comforting it is to you. But more so, I love that you still need me to fall asleep. 
You love to climb on everything (climbing on your chair as I write this) and are constantly falling down and getting hurt. But, you always come running to mommy and I can calm you down with a quick kiss on the problem spot. I love how much you love me and I don’t think I could ever show you how much I love you. It’s almost unbearable 🙂 
I wish I could freeze these little things you do and keep them in my pocket forever. But lucky for you (and everyone else around you), I’ve always got my camera handy and ready to freeze time that way. Keep your vivacious spirit alive and your curiosity ever growing. Stay little as long as you can and love on your mommy as much as do now. Forever. 
Love you Bubba!


“Some days just are…A Complete Waste of Makeup”




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