Baby’s gender revealed! It’s a…

Well ladies, I have a little secret to share… we found out the baby’s gender!! We had to cancel our appointment last week because we decided to go on vacation last minute but luckily, she called me with a cancellation on Saturday. So what we drove 10 hours straight and barely slept; who needs sleep when you can go take a look at your baby?!
I’ll let you watch this little video and see for yourselves 🙂
We are OVER THE MOON excited and are crossing our fingers it checks out the same at our ultrasound in a few weeks. Of course we’d be just as happy if it says the opposite but hey, I’d be lying if I told you I hadn’t been scoping out nursery themes and baby clothes 😉
Here’s to bows, tutus, headbands bigger than her head, and pure diva! 🙂
We’re having a baby GIRL… EEK!

Baby's gender revealed at 13 weeks.





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