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Q&A with The Samantha Show- The Answers

Happy Thursday! I know I say this every week but I seriously cannot wait for the weekend. I’ve just been in a mood all week and I am looking forward to getting some nice R&R. I’ve been moving at 100 m.p.h. and every little thing has just been getting under my skin. I know I’m overwhelmed when that happens so it’s time for a nice life detox…

I opened up the floor for questions last week and I’m sharing the answers today!

What was the last picture you took on your phone?– At the time this question was asked, this was the last picture I took on my phone:


Taylor Swift or Beyonce? T-Swift all the way. In fact, I kind of dislike Beyonce.

What’s your biggest parenting advice? Don’t ever question if you’re a good parent. Parenting is tough and sometimes, it’s nature over nurture. You can be doing everything right and they’ll still have meltdowns, be disobedient, and provide you with daily challenges. Teach them to be kind, discipline them when needed but most of all, just love them. Give them attention but also give them independence. Take it day by day and learn as you go.

What are some of your favorite accessories? Watches, purses, and shoes.. okay really anything.

Where did you get the girlboss mug from?  I designed it! I have a few left and I am planning on doing more in the future… more to come on that 😉 But if you’re interested, shoot me an email and we can chat!

How did you find a photographer to work with regarding blogging needs? Do you pay her? When do you find the time during the day to leave your kiddos to shoot pictures? Amy was my birth photographer and we eventually became really good friends. My husband took all of my blog pictures before she did, but when he deployed I needed someone to step in and help. I put out an “ad” on a local page and she said “well duh, me!” I told her I would pay her and she said no. Well obviously I wasn’t going to listen to that because at the end of the day, it’s her business and helping me means taking away from other clients or family time. So I pay her and pay for her lunch, coffee, etc whenever I can. I truly appreciate her helping me! 

Before the kids were in school, no joke, we would shoot while they were in the car or in the stroller. We would park, stand right on the sidewalk and shoot. We’ve gotten it down to a science and it only takes a few minutes per outfit. Now that they are both in school a few days a week, it’s SO much easier to switch up our locations and spend more time on it.



When can I buy that damn girl boss mug? From me! 🙂 Email me! 

Why are you so pretty? Well geez shucks, you know how to make a girl blush. Back at you boo! 

What is your favorite Disney movie? The Little Mermaid for sure. 

How often do you shop? You always have something new.  This is a tricky question haha but I probably shop once a week. But full disclosure, I also get stuff sent to me or have to buy things for campaigns. I never really buy anything big and the big orders only happen a few times a month. 

How does your husband let you shop so much? Mine would kill me. For a few different reasons….1) he knows it makes me happy 2) I work full-time, both as a mom and as a blogger/social media strategist. So as long as our bills are paid and money is sent to it’s respected places, it’s never been a problem. If we were rubbing two pennies together, obviously I wouldn’t shop as much. And while we aren’t making it rain dolla bills, we live comfortably and happily. 

What’s your cleaning schedule? Do you meal plan? How do you handle 2 kids, 4 pets, a husband and a house? I clean the days the kids are at schools, vacuum daily, and do deep cleanings on Saturdays when my husband takes the kids to a class in the morning. We have a full house and it’s in no way spotless, but we make it work! The cats kind of keep to themselves, the dogs sleep or play outside, and the kids are finally getting to a point where they like to play together. Granted I break up fights a lot during the day but it’s getting easier. I work when I can and am constantly on the move… but it works for us! 

I try to meal plan but that’s gotten a lot harder. I usually buy the same types of staples and then take out meat in the morning and decide what I’m making later in the day. We’ve been buying Hello Fresh boxes the past three weeks and I really love them. However I think they are a little pricey for us right now but I like that I can pause the delivery if I want to. So if I know we are going to have a busy week or I like what they’re offering, I can always un-pause my order! If you want to give it a try, you can get $40 off your first box with this code: R9USRD.

Well that was fun! Hope you guys have a fabulous Thursday and I’ll see ya tomorrow 🙂 xo




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