We did it! We made it to the ONE week mark! 
To be honest with you, there were some days when I thought this day would never come.
Between the tantrums, meltdowns, misbehaving, back pain, weight gain, and more, I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown before I could say we were in close range of reuniting our little family. 
But here we are, staring the reunion in the face and I CANNOT WAIT. 
Zach will be home next week and we will enjoy a little “vacation” here together before we start the trek to Georgia. So here are a few little updates on the move:
We don’t have a house yet. We are currently on a wait list and I should be receiving a call soon with an update. God forbid they don’t have a house for us, we will be forced to look at off post options. But luckily, the realtor I spoke with today told us we could find a house in one day if necessary so that made me feel a little better. 
I don’t have a doctor yet. I tried to streamline the process and get everything in line for my arrival but they weren’t willing to work with me. So once I get there, I will be trying to get everything done as soon as possible. And if worse comes to worse, my kid will be delivered by a stranger but hey, at that point I don’t care who gets me drugs and the kid out safely. 
I have no idea what to expect with Z’s new job; I guess the alternative was him deploying on the front line again and we sure as hell didn’t want that. I’ve heard I can expect long hours, middle of the night calls, and some other changes but I honestly think it will be better for our family in the long run. And it’s something he loves and wants to do…can’t beat that. 
Baby watch drives me insane; with all of the technology out there these days, you’d think we could pinpoint a day when this diva will make her appearance. I’m terrified of going into labor on the drive and just praying it doesn’t happen before we safely make it down there. They say second babies come sooner but I’m hoping to at least make it to the south before that happens. 
Our household goods are scattered in Ohio and Georgia. Once we have an address, our goods will be removed from storage and delivered to our house. However, since we don’t have said house yet, who knows when that will be. The worst part? My infant car seat is in storage so unless this magically works out in some parallel universe phenomenon, I’m going to have to buy a new car seat to bring the baby home in. Race against the clock I suppose! 
And that’s all I’ve got for you today; basically my laundry list of stressors! I promise you, once we make it down there and have the baby, I will calm the eff down and stop complaining and moaning. Although it may seem like that, I’m really handling it pretty well despite the unknown. As a military wife, I’ve kind of learned to deal with it because that’s all I can do. 
And I can drink wine again soon… we all know that’s God’s way of helping us through the day-to-day crap, right? So expect a much happier mama 😉 


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