17 Week Bumpdate

How far along: 17 weeks

Size of baby: Turnip

Baby’s weight: 5 in 5 oz

My total weight gain: 15 pounds. I talked with the doctor about my weight gain this week and she said to watch my starches. I’ll chalk it up to my nausea in the beginning and bagels being the only thing I could stomach. 

Baby’s development: 
-Baby has mastered yawning
-Baby is twisting, kicking, rolling, and punching!
-Nervous system is maturing rapidly
-Baby can hiccup
-Hearing is more acute

Stretch marks: None.

Maternity clothes: It’s been so chilly here so I’m into the jeans… thank goodness for maternity jeans! My favorite are from Forever 21 and they no longer have a maternity line 🙁

Gender: Girl! The doctor peeked at my appointment Tuesday and said it certainly looked like a girl 🙂 We confirm again in 2 weeks.

Movement: Definite movement now! Little flutters <3

Sleep: Insomnia; I’m up 1-2 hours every night. I tried Unisom Sleep Tabs last night and think they might be my best friend until I can get back to a normal night’s sleep.

What I miss: Being skinny.

Food cravings: Anything salty; chips, fries, etc.

Symptoms: Sore breasts, acne, emotional, growing belly.
Nolan is: getting so big. He knows all of his colors, is getting two more teeth, and had a cold this week (along with mommy). Poor baby is definitely in some pain with these teeth and has been throwing tantrums like a 13 year old girl who can’t go to the One Direction concert. 

Zach is: getting ready for school… which means leaving for 15 weeks grr.

What I’m looking forward to: the movers come in less than two weeks and I can’t wait to put this stress behind me.
Paislee’s new bag from my mom
Someone else I know needed to show me theirs too…

Best moments: Seeing baby girl at the doctors and Paislee’s present from my mom. 

Funny things: Z and Bubs jumping haha

Not so funny things: Realizing we’re going to be apart for 15 weeks; makes me sad. BUT, it’s not Afghanistan this time and I should be thankful for that. 

And now I want to introduce you to one of the biggest sweethearts I know, Chelsea! She’s the mastermind behind Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles, mommy to an adorable little girl, and so much more. I’ll stop blabbing and let her introduce herself now 😉
I’m a 23 year old mother to Alea, nursing student and blogger! (Hear me roar!) I’m a little too obsessed with Diet Pepsi and coffee and I love getting lost in a good magazine or book. I’m an e-mail avoider, a wannabe runner, and an obsessive list-maker. On my blog, Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles, you’ll find a real and honest account of our day-to-day life, fun kids activities, DIYS, our family’s favorite recipes, and even some mommy and little fashion! I hope you’ll stop by and say hello!


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