Things I’ve been struggling with.


I’ve always been the type of person who overthinks everything. I can’t make decisions to save my life and when I finally do make one, I replay it over and over again in my head and ask myself “did I make the right one?”

I’ve been struggling a lot lately. Like not to the point where it’s affecting my everyday life but I’ve just got a lot going on in my mind. One of those struggles being I don’t have too many friends here. Which may help alleviate some of the other struggles if I had someone to come over and someone I could vent to. Meeting friends as an adult is hard. Meeting friends as an adult around a military installation is even harder. I’ve also been so spoiled in the past and had friends literally right next door and it made hanging out so much easier. Things are a lot more complicated now.

I’m struggling with the fact I 1) can’t find time to workout and 2) have no motivation to start. I’m still fairly thin from breastfeeding but I know that’s not going to last forever. I really need to start working out to build muscle and get fit to stay healthy, but I literally don’t know when I have time to do that. We’ve only been home for two days and I’m playing catch up on everything, so I’m hoping to develop some sort of plan to make work outs happen.

I’m struggling with the fact that my body isn’t the same after kids. Yes, I’m actually thinner than before I had kids. I’ve been pregnant or nursing for over 4 years straight and I don’t expect to have the same body I used to. But it doesn’t mean it’s not hard to deal with or easy to accept.

I struggle with comparing myself to others. I used to compare myself to other people my age and the type of life they were living. They all had professional careers while I was just blogging as a hobby and then a side job. But now that it’s my full time job I find I’m comparing myself to others in the field. Facebook groups and blogs are great for people in the social media and blogging industry because it’s a great support system. But it can also be hard to watch other people get opportunities or succeed in areas you haven’t yet.

I’m struggling with the fact that my house isn’t big enough or have the right spaces we need. I know you’re thinking “why don’t you just throw things away?” and yes, I probably could afford to do that. I just donated two bags of clothing to a woman in need and have two more bags ready to go in the garage. But the layout of my house isn’t practical for two toddlers or a work-at-home-mom and it seriously stresses me out. That’s another thing I need to work on in the next few days… finding a place for everything and tossing anything that doesn’t have a place.

I’m struggling with the fact that we don’t know what’s next. Z is working on finding a job outside of the military and it’s been a lot more difficult to do than we thought. Given his expertise it should be easy but when you’re in Georgia and every job you want is in Ohio, it makes things a little more difficult. Going along with moving and a new job means finding somewhere to live and uprooting the kids again. It’s honestly too much to think about when I look at it all at once so I’m trying to focus on one thing at a time.

These are such insignificant struggles in the grand scheme of things and I’m super lucky to have the life and support system I do. But in case you thought I’m just over here cruising through life with ease, I wanted to show you I’m not. I struggle with a lot of things that maybe you’re struggling with too. And I would love to hear how you’ve overcome some of your struggles so I can make a plan of action to overcome mine.

So hit me… what do you struggle with and how do you overcome it?





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