FunBites {Review}

Luckily for me, Bubba isn’t a picky eater. He usually eats anything and everything and doesn’t really put up a fight. 
However, I know that a lot of moms and dads aren’t that lucky, and I’ve found the perfect solution! 
FunBites is a fun and easy way to cut your child’s food into bite size pieces. It’s super easy and reduces meal time preparation! 
You put the cutter on top of the food while rocking back and forth to cut the food. Then, you place the popper through and pop the pieces out. You can watch the video here. 
Grilled Cheese 
PB & J
It’s so much easier than trying to cut sandwiches, cheese or fruit or whatever you want. We received the square bites to try but they also come in heart and other geometrical shapes. 
I tried it with Peanut Butter and Jelly and Grilled Cheese but the possibilities are endless. It would be great to throw in the diaper bag and bring out to a restaurant with you so you can just one and done…no mess, no hassle!
Be sure to try these out for a battle free meal time with the little ones! 

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