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Live Free tank c/o StyleGirl Boutique// Forever 21 jeans// Hollister jean jacket// Express sunnies// Cowboy boots c/o Rack Room Shoes
Miss P is super chatty these days. And while she’s not exactly saying her words clearly, she does have a few that most people can understand. One of them being “hi”, accompanied with a wave.
We headed out to a few stores last week and she was in a great mood. She likes to stand in the big part of the cart and ride like the’s flying on the Titanic. Get the visual?
So we’re cruising down the aisles, laughing and talking to each other as we go, when all of a sudden I notice a trend. As soon as she sees someone, she waves and says “hi”. And after a few people ignored her, I started to notice a trend.
They were all on their phones. The customers, the employees, everyone. I would say out of 10 people, 1 made eye contact with her and said hello back.
This sweet little girl with more excitement than I’m probably physically cable of, was getting ignored over and over again when trying to say hello to these people.
And that’s when it hit me that I’m guilty of this too. So many times, I’m in the Starbucks drive-thru or checking out at the grocery store and checking my phone while the employee prepares my order or scans my groceries. There’s small talk here and there, but my phone is always out.
Now granted I work in social media, so my phone is attached at my hip. But even with that tidbit thrown in, I can take a few minutes out of my day to interact with another human. Face to face.
We get so caught up in who’s doing what on Instagram or the latest news story that popped up on our CNN app, that we fail to realize the stories that could be right in front of our face. The guy bagging your groceries who is from Ohio too or the woman who raised five kids by herself. Everyone has a story and you never know what could come out of the conversation. Maybe a job. A friend. An opportunity. Or at the very least, making someone else smile.
I’m not judging any of the individuals I saw that day that didn’t wave to my child. It wasn’t about that. Because I’ll admit, it did sting a little when she didn’t get the “hi” back and her smile quickly faded. But it made me realize that I may have done the same to someone at some point too. That I may have been so busy walking down the aisle and reading a Facebook message that I missed making eye contact with someone who needed a smile that day. That needed a “how are you today?” instead of a technology zombie ignoring them as they walk by.
Just some food for thought 🙂
This outfit pretty much screams America today. I usually only wear cowboy boots with shorts or rompers but it happened to be chilly that day and I decided eh, let’s step out of my comfort zone. I was loving the combination of the red and black on this black tank but wasn’t sure how it would look with brown boots. But if we’re being honest, I think anything America related goes with cowboy boots. Call me crazy, I don’t know. It’s been a long week and I haven’t finished my coffee so I’m pretty much word vomiting at this point 🙂
Hope you’re all having a great week. There have been some pretty cool things happening behind the scenes over here and I can’t wait to share with you. What’s something good that’s happened to you this week? Share it below! xo




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