The truth about parenting…NickMom style.

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You all know I’m a pretty honest person, right? Well if you’ve seen some of the pictures I’ve posted on Instagram, you may know that the best way I know how to approach parenting is not to take it too seriously. I know when to “parent” but I also know when to have a good time and embrace the chaos. 
Like poop up the back? Yeah, no one likes to clean that up but all the while we’re wondering, how the HECK did you get that all the way up there? It’s almost impressive…
Or the temper tantrums; you’re right Bubs, I’m a terrible mom because I’m making you put pants on to go to the restaurant or put the cleaning supplies back under the sink. 
So when I was browsing nickmom.com after Bubs went to bed one night, I of course lost my you know what. Turns out, there are a lot of other moms out there who think parenting can be just as funny as I find it sometimes. 
When I saw this, I couldn’t help but be inspired to write a blog post about it:
Is this not spot on?! Sometimes, I see other people posting things on Instagram or Facebook and I sit there and a few different things cross my mind:
1. I’m a terrible mother for letting my kid have french fries once in awhile. 
2. Wait, what’s meal prep? 
3. Your kid eats that?! What did you bribe him with? 
I could go on and on. With social media these days, I sometimes feel like because I don’t shop/cook organically, prep my meals, or give my kid probiotics that I’m doing something wrong. But just because that’s someone else’s choice, doesn’t mean it’s mine. 
Does my kid have fast food once in awhile? Yes. 
Does he eat processed foods? Yes. 
Does he have chocolate or cookies? Yes. 
But on the other side of things…
Does he eat yogurt, cheese, etc? Yes. 
Does he eat fruits and veggies? Yes. 
Is he happy, YES. 
I’m not going to force my kid to choose between eating one thing or not eating at all. If he’s eating and it’s calories in his growing body, I’m okay with it. I’m not going to stop offering healthy things but I’m going to give food he will eat if it comes between that and not eating at all. 
I was never one of the children growing up who wasn’t allowed to have cereal with sugar in it or Koolaid; I turned out just fine! Being a kid is supposed to be fun and although I push healthy eating on my family, I do let certain things slide because to be frank with you, I just don’t think it’s worth the battle. 
If you haven’t checked out NickMom yet, I highly suggest you do. It made me feel better to know I’m not alone when I want to rip my hair out after a day full of meltdowns or a night of eating chicken nuggets and french fries. 
So what do your snack options say about you?! 




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