5 ways to feel comfortable during pregnancy.

I’ve made it pretty public before that being pregnant makes me completely uncomfortable. As someone who’s struggled with weight, self image, and mild eating disorders my entire life, gaining all of this extra weight is a really hard concept for me to grasp. 

VeryHoney sweater // Old Navy maternity leggings// Old Navy maternity tank// Phillip Lim for Target purse // Mila Rose Designs headband (similar)// UGG boots

I know there is a baby growing in my belly and as I approach the 30th week, I’m starting to just accept it is what it is. My body knows better than I do what I need to support this baby and unfortunately, I have little to no control over what happens. 

I know the weight comes off; after gaining 25 pounds with Bubba and dropping 54 pounds post baby (no dieting or working out, strictly nursing), I know that it will. So despite my lack of confidence in my body, I’ve been trying really hard to not let it get me down. 

Here are a few things I’ve discovered that make me feel a lot more comfortable during pregnancy:
1. Find ways to stay trendy…and on a budget: It’s SUCH a waste to invest great amounts of money in clothes that you will only wear a few times. Look for items that are “one size fits all”. My favorites? Victoria’s Secret Lacie Thongs (they’re one size), sweaters/cardigans, scarves, headbands. These things will work for you after pregnancy so spending money on them doesn’t seem as bad. For the basics, I love Old Navy maternity; leggings, tanks, tees. Then, just accessorize 🙂 

2. Do your hair and makeup: I know, you don’t always feel like it or you don’t always have somewhere to go. The days I do my makeup and hair are the days I feel so much better about myself. I know I’ve made this point before in other posts but I’m telling you, it becomes especially important while you’re pregnant. If you don’t do this normally, obviously you can skip it. But for me, this is a must to get my day going.

And on another note, keep up with your haircuts, highlights, etc. Some people prefer not to dye their hair while pregnant ( I get highlights or lowlights so it’s never really hitting the scalp) but at the very least, go get a nice wash and blow dry to feel good 😉

3. Don’t be afraid of the camera: I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t tell you this is the hardest thing for me to get over. I feel as though I’m gaining a lot of weight in my face and looking at pictures of myself sometimes makes me cringe. But that’s me right now and I have to accept that. I’m baking a beautiful baby girl and yes, maybe it’s not my ideal weight, but it won’t last forever. Hell maybe looking back at these pictures will actually motivate me to get the weight off when she’s born!

4. Don’t stretch your comfort zone: I used to love going out to dinner and drinks, or the bars, or football games with my hubby and friends. But when I’m pregnant, I just don’t feel comfortable doing these things. Being the pregnant girl in the bar? Not my cup of tea. Never feel like you have to do something just because you used to or because other people want you to. Only you know what will make you comfortable and you have to stay true to that. 
5. Don’t worry about what other people think: I know, you feel like people are judging you when they see you pack on an extra 30+ pounds. But seriously, who cares? I cared a lot in the beginning because I had gotten used to being so small and feeling good about myself. When I got pregnant, I felt like a disgusting cow. Now, I try to tell myself that it’s not forever and not everyone carries a baby the same way. Some people only gain in their tummy, some gain everywhere, some gain in their legs, etc. We have to stop comparing ourselves to other pregnant (or non pregnant woman) and focus on keeping ourselves mentally and physically sound. 
I struggle with each of these everyday but I’m getting a lot better. Pregnancy is such a unique and interesting thing and although I don’t feel beautiful and feel like I have that glow that everyone speaks of, I have come a long way from the first few weeks. 
How do you work on feeling comfortable during or post pregnancy? 


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