Wednesday Confesh Sesh


I’m actually kind of shocked it’s already Wednesday. This week is flying by and I’m not even sure what I’ve done with my life over the past few days. Besides snuggle my sick little and be a hot mess. But what else is new?

Let’s jump into some confessions shall we?

I confess that I already want my roots touched up. Like, is this what happens when you go platinum? The blonder the better?

I confess that it upsets me to watch movies like Lone Survivor and American Sniper but I also can’t look away. I can’t believe this shit really happens.

I confess I drank a little too much last weekend. I don’t normally drink that much but it was my best friend’s birthday and shots were getting passed around. I like to drink occasionally but I don’t like to drink to the point where I feel like crap the next day. And that definitely happened. Sunday=waste of space.

I confess that my ADHD as been out of control. Like I literally will stop talking halfway through a sentence sometimes and forget what I was going to say. You know in Up when the dogs get distracted when someone yells squirrel? That’s me…

I confess I am not a morning person and usually wake up on the wrong side of the bed. I’m trying, I really am. But sleeping with a toddler, a sick toddler the past few days, means not sleeping very well aka turning into Cruella DeVil.

I confess I need to clean my closet and room but there’s just literally not enough space for all of my stuff. I know, get rid of some of it. And I try and I do. But there’s a lot of stuff I can’t and don’t want to get rid of so where am I supposed to put that?! Can someone just come organize for me please?

I confess I’m back to drinking two double shots of expresso a day. For awhile I was only having one drink in the morning with one shot and now I’m back to two shots, twice a day. I am just so so so tired. And no, I’m not pregnant.

I confess I yelled at my husband the other day when he deleted Little Women L.A: Terra’s Little Family off the DVR. Anyone else obsessed with those shows?

I confess that I’m kind of sad Nolan’s last tee ball game is this weekend. It’s been so much fun watching him play and I’m already excited for next year. Now to sign him up for the next sport…

I confess that I’m hoarding baby clothes and baby toys in case we have more kids. But ask me today and I’ll tell you I’m done having kids. Ask me in three years… I don’t know. So what do I do?! Get rid of it all? Blah.. decisions decisions.

I confess that I’m wearing a bralette in this pictures and I feel kind of like a badass. Don’t ask me why, maybe because I’ve never done anything like that before. Granted I have a jacket covering it but still, it felt good stepping out of my comfort zone.

I confess I’m obsessed with anything floral and this skirt is no obsession. And it’s only $17 right now… so go snag one up!






Alright friends, now it’s your turn. Tell me your confessions below and I’ll hug you for sharing. A+ in class kids.

I haven’t had my coffee yet, can you tell? Hot mess, out. See you tomorrowz xoxo

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