Give a two year old a camera and this is what you’ll get.

I’m sure most of you know where I stand on the Super Bowl. Although I wish I could say I was passed out from an alcohol induced stupor and missed it, I unfortunately did not. And after my beer and a half, I realized that I would be happier snuggling up in bed and called it a night.
But from what I gather from tweets, Facebook posts, and my Instagram feed, everyone else hated everything about this year’s game except for Bruno Mars #dreamy.
Besides watching the game with some wonderful friends and shoving my face with greasy food, it was pretty much a let down. However, I soon discovered the following pictures on my son’s camera and instantly, my frown was turned upside down.
I gave him my old Cool Pix camera because I don’t use it anymore and the sequence of pictures below justifies it was the best decision I’ve ever made.
From the eyes of a two year old:
Here’s my floor guys!


And my fridge.


Oh #selfie reflection in the stove y’all (I can’t make this shit up)


And this is my dog, Charlie


And there’s my sister’s swing and Charlie’s booty


Upside down #selfie? Take that #instafamous peeps


This is my floor


Those are combat boots


But my feet are cooler



This is my train table


Here’s my Dad


And my wall


#ootd #lotd #wiw


“Hey can you take a picture of my outfit please?” #ootd #lotd
And that my friends, is way better than anything else I saw last night. Except maybe the Budweiser commercials. Those were legit.


“From one military wife to another, be sure to check out this month’s featured blogger!”




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