11 Week Bumpdate

Well here it is friends! I’ll be posting a weekly Bumpdate every Friday! If you’re interested, you can find it on Fridays and if not, you’ll know what day to avoid 🙂 
How far along: 11 weeks
Size of baby: Lime
Total weight gain: 7 pounds-HOLY weight gain. I barely gained in the beginning with Bubba but I am a lot smaller this time around so I’m thinking that may be it…
Stretch marks: None. I was blessed to only receive a small one on my hip with Bubba so I hope it’s the same this time around!
Maternity clothes: Not yet! My pants are snug but luckily it’s summer and I can get away with sundresses. 
Gender: Unknown but see my post from Wednesday
Movement: None yet. 
Sleep: Waking up to go to the bathroom 2-3 times a night. 
What I miss: Having energy. 
Food cravings: At 6 weeks I craved Chinese food and at 8 weeks I craved Cool Ranch Doritos. I’ve been so nauseous and the only thing that even sounds remotely satisfying now are things like toast, crackers, etc.
Symptoms: Nausea, headaches, exhaustion, some mild cramping. 
Nolan is: SO excited. If I ask him where the baby is he says “in the belly” and then proceeds to lift up my shirt and kiss it. Melts my heart. 
Zach is: Excited we found out he is going to school in September. It sucks he will miss 15 weeks of my pregnancy but hey, at least it’s not the whole thing nor will he be in Afghanistan this time. 
What I’m looking forward to: Having Z join us on vacation and finding out where we are moving! 
Best moments: Seeing the Nugget for the first time and finally announcing our pregnancy to the world! 
Funny things: Having Ginger Ale in my wine glass because no one knew I was pregnant yet. Oh, and the fact that Bubba has ripped his diaper off and peed on the floor at my parents house 3 times already…
Not so funny things: Being away from Zach…but he will be here late Tuesday night 🙂 
I know some of you may not find this interesting but I feel really terrible that I don’t remember any of this from when I was pregnant with Bubba. I was kind of ashamed to be pregnant and felt like no one was excited for me. This time around, I want to remember everything I can and document the details to share with “Nugget” down the road. 
Hope everyone has a great weekend and I’ll see you Monday!


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