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30+ things to do with kids during social distancing

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With the news of the Coronavirus Pandemic sweeping across the globe right now, it can be a little overwhelming and dare I say scary. No one really knows what’s happening or what’s going on. Or even worse, how long it will last. Since the CDC has recommended avoiding large crowds and public places for the next couple of weeks, I wanted to share some things to do with kids during social distancing.

Here are some of our favorites:

Bubbles– experiment with different objects; Crocs, shoe laces, etc

Chalk– Hopscotch, Draw a track and race cars on it, work on letters, spelling and numbers

Nature walk- collect sticks, leaves, acorns, etc and then paint with them when you get home!

Sensory bins: put water beads in bins with different objects and themes.

Kinetic Sand


Fruit and vegetable painting: cut different fruits and vegetables in half, dip into paint, and voila! Fun art! I loved this one for St. Patrick’s Day!

Donating toys: go through their closets, basement, under bed, etc and bag up things they no longer play with.

Bounce house: we have this one and it’s one of the best investments we’ve ever made. Set it up indoors or outdoors depending on space but I promise, it’s a hit!

Fashion show: put together different looks, take a picture at the end of the “runway” like paparazzi and make a “look book”

Journal: write in a journal about what is happening and how they feel about everything. This will be interesting to look back on when they’re older!

Car painting: roll Hot Wheels cars in paint and then on paper. It’s so easy and super fun!

Build a fort

Movie marathon 

Puzzles: make it a little competitive and race to finish your puzzle first!

Treasure hunt: make clues and lead the kids to their “treasure!” Could be a treat, small prize, etc.

Write a book or comic: they can write the story and then illustrate it! I ordered this blank comic book for my son and he’s going to love it!

Write a letter to a pen pal or friend/family: I’m so excited about this because it helps their writing skills and puts a smile on someone’s face.

Online learning: Scholastic, ABC Mouse, SumDog, Prodigy; a lot of great options right now, a lot of which are offering free or reduced opportunities to help with these special circumstances.You can read a more extensive list here!

Virtual museum tours: I think this is SO cool and different; you can virtually tour 12 museums around the world!

iPad time: I’m not above some brainless iPad time. They deserve to have a little fun during all the chaos!

Make a music video: I’m actually super pumped about this idea I had! Choose a song, costumes, dance moves, and film it all! You’ll have it for years to come!

Bake yummy treats: I stocked up on cupcakes, cookies, and materials for raw edible cookie dough! Treats make everything better! Highly recommend this cookbook if you want a delicious treat 🙂

Obstacle course: make your own obstacle course using hula hoops, cones, scooters, etc and time the kids as they go through it! If it’s nice and you decide to head to the playground, you can do this there.. just bring hand sanitizer to apply immediately!

Kiwi crates: Great option for activities and materials already planned and put together for you, and then shipped straight to your door! You can save 30% off any crate with code SAMANTHA!

Balloon “don’t touch the floor” game: Ask me why this entertains my kids forever, I have no idea. But blow up a balloon and tell them it can’t touch the floor. I recommend these punching balloons… they don’t pop as easily!

Bubble bath: the next best thing to hitting the beach or swimming at the pool. Add bubble bath and color tablets to make it even more fun!

Activity books: The Dollar Tree has some great options and obviously only a dollar. You can make copies on your printer or put them in a sheet protector or plastic bag and use a dry erase marker to make them last longer!

Fuse beads: does anyone remember Fuse beads? One of my faves as a kid! Grab these tweezers to make it easier for little hands too.

At-home movie theater: have the kids choose a movie, make admission tickets, and set up a concession stand. They can earn “money” to concessions by doing things around the house, reading or doing homework, etc!

Put on a show: let the kids write their own script, practice lines, design costumes, and put on a show for you!

Board games: some of our favorites include Monopoly, Pretty Pretty Princess, Yahtzee, Game of Life, UNO, and Eye Found It.

I’m really trying to look at this whole social distancing as something positive; something we can look back on and say we made the best of it! I hope this list helps you prep and gives you a few ideas on how to stay busy and make memories!

If you’re looking for some kind of routine and normalcy during this time off, be sure to check out my post with our extended spring break schedule! Feel free to leave any questions you may have below! xo



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