New year, new style…and how to wear it.

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Can you believe it’s almost 2014?! I sure can’t. And to
think I’m going to have a second baby soon is just mind blowing! And if there’s
one thing I’m ready to do once this baby is born, it’s get back into shape and
my pre-pregnancy clothing. With the new year approaching, I sat down to think about how to get the look I want without sacrificing and stressing myself out in the process. 

Fad diets don’t work; once you start eating whatever you’re
cutting out, you’re going to gain the weight and then some. I’ve been obsessed
with healthy eating and wellness my entire life and over the years, I’ve
certainly learned what works and what doesn’t. And although it’s different for
everyone, the biggest secret I’ve learned? Baby steps.

Losing weight and a healthy lifestyle don’t happen
overnight. And that’s where a lot of people fail; they expect to see changes
quickly and get discouraged when they aren’t getting the results they want/need.

Here are a few easy steps to making a change in 2014. Start
by doing something new or eliminating one of these things once a day for 6 days
and reevaluate. Are you cranky? Are you feeling better? Are you motivated?
Subtle changes are going to produce long last results and it’s important to
keep your long-term goals in mind by completing these short-term changes.
Day 1: Invest in good workout clothes: I
never used to think this was important and would roll up to the gym in an old
t-shirt and shorts. But when I invested in some quality workout gear, I started
to feel more motivated to get the results I wanted. Why did I wait so long to
do this? Price. I didn’t want to break the bank by purchasing clothes just for
working out, but I found these adorable pieces at Sears for under $50… total! Can’t
beat that! I’m pictured wearing Everlast leggings,
and shirt (similar). I also used my Shop Your Way rewards card and received points for future purchases… even better 🙂 

Day 2: Drink more water: I know, this
sounds simple enough, right? But surprisingly, it’s a lot harder than it looks.
We should all be drinking eight 8oz glasses of water a day, but I for one know
I don’t drink anything even close to that.  My solution? Buy a new water bottle and carry it with you
everywhere you go. This one Ignite Contigo AUTOSEAL is 24 oz so if you refill this 3 times a day, you’re good
to go!
Day 3: Add more fruits and veggies: Instead
of eliminating sugars or carbs or something else crazy, try eating more fruits
and veggies at each meal. By adding an apple, banana, or a few carrots, you are
getting more of what you need and filling up on good instead of bad calories.
Day 4: Plan your meals: I know, this is
unrealistic for some people. Although it may save time, I don’t always think
ahead or plan for the upcoming weeks and make whatever I have a taste for.
However, start by prepping snacks; use something like these Finelife food containers and cut up veggies, fruits, portion nuts, etc. This way,
when you’re in a hurry, you can grab a container instead of a bag of chips or
other vending machine no-no’s.
Day 5: Set small goals: If you’re just
starting to get into shape, you shouldn’t expect to go run a half-marathon or
workout seven days a week for hours at a time. Start small; take the stairs to
the office, go for a walk after work, head to the gym 3 days a week. You can
always work your way up and you certainly don’t want to get burned out and give
up. If you aren’t ready to head to a gym, try an at home workout DVD and mat to get started.

Day 6: Find a buddy: For me, this is one of
the best ways to stay motivated and keep myself on track. Whether it’s a
virtual buddy online or a friend who physically goes to the gym with you, find
a support system! They will help hold you accountable to keep your diet and
workout plan under control and you will provide the same assistance to them.
Strength in numbers my friends!

And there you have it my friends! By
implementing these simple changes and taking them one day at a time, you are
more likely to succeed in your goals. I cannot wait to have this baby and get
back into shape myself! If anyone needs a buddy, please let me know… I need one

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