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Lilac clothing top c/o// Gap jeans// Naya boots via R. Riveter bag c/o// Bracelets: Stella and Dot, Alex and Ani, The Shine Project// Photo credit: Amy Hess Photography
Blogging is weird. There, I said it. We sit down and write, some of us 5-7 times a week and about what? Our passions, our lives, our families, our jobs, etc. We share a whole ton of something (or sometimes nothing) and make these connections with people we’ve never and most likely never will meet.
And I love it. 
But what makes blogging so special and keeps us coming back for more is that sense of community. Or the idea that there may be someone out there who can relate to you. Maybe they’ve suffered an eating disorder or a breakup. Maybe they have fashion tips for moms on a budget. Maybe their spouse is deployed and they’re up at 3 am too waiting for a phone call. Maybe they are rushing a sorority and need advice. Whatever it may be, I can almost guarantee there is someone out there who can help you through it. I truly believe some people are put into our lives to help us over certain humps or through certain stages and for me, blogging has been such a blessing in that respect.
So I wanted to introduce myself again, in case you don’t know me. Or maybe you do know me, but maybe there are some things you don’t know about me…
I’m a Clevelander; born and raised in a suburb of Cleveland, that’s my home. It’s where I grew up, it’s where I met Zach, it’s where we will return when all of this Army stuff is behind us.
I’m a Solon Comet; I feel blessed to have attended a nationally ranked school. Great teachers, sports teams, and academics.
I’m a Miamian; Miami of Ohio in beautiful Oxford, Ohio. It’s where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree, where I met some of my best of friends, and where I experienced the best four years of my life.
I’m a Zeta; a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha.
I’m a fashion addict; I love fashion. I love designer brands, thrift stores, and everything and anything in between.
I’m a lover; I love my husband, kids, and family more than anything in the entire world.
I’m a dancer; I danced all through elementary school, high school, and a little here and there in college. It’s where I feel most relaxed and most comfortable.
I have a big heart; I would give you the shirt off my back. I love to help others.
I’m an animal lover; I would adopt every single dog in the world if I could. It breaks my heart to see dogs abused or so many babies without homes.
I’m a photographer; I may not be a professional photographer but I love pictures. Memories are meant to be captured and looked back on.
I’m a comedian; okay, not really. But I love to make people laugh and smile.
I’m a mom; who tries to be the best I can and as I’m learning, that’s all that matters. I love my kids more than anything and I 100% live for them.
I’m a wife; to a handsome soldier none the less. I love him more than anything and am so proud of him.
I’m obsessed with honesty; I can’t stand liars and don’t lie about anything.
I have anxiety; it’s something I struggle with but try not to let it consume me. I didn’t understand it until college and for the most part, it stays under control.
I have six tattoos; one on each foot, one on each wrist, one under my neck and one on my side. I’m planning my 7th for when Zach returns.
I’m a worry wart; I worry about everything. Blame the anxiety but I’m constantly stressing over something.
I’m super sensitive; I cry, a lot. My feelings get hurt, easily. And I wear my heart on my sleeve.
I’m strong; I know, this contradicts the previous statement. But I work my ass off to keep it together for myself, my husband, and my kids and although my emotions sometimes win, I make it through my day-to-day on days when I don’t think I can.
I’m a writer; I’ve always been a writer and one day, I’ll finish one of the three books I’ve started. Who knows, maybe I’ll have more partially started by that point…
I’m a blogger; I sit here and write, day after day and have no idea what I will end up with. I read other blogs, text my blogging besties (always looking for new ones ;)) and can relate to so much of what other people are going through. If you feel like you’re not reaching anyone, I promise you are. It may not be in page views, comments, or social media followers but I promise you, there’s one person out there who read your post and it made their whole day. Maybe it changed their whole life.
I’d love to meet you… leave your about me page link below 🙂 
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