Why I Started Blogging {Link Up}

Blogging has become such a huge part of my life and sometimes, I tend to forget why I started. Between the link ups, giveaways, and reviews, the real reason I began lies deeper than most of you know… 

I can remember the exact day Zach came home and told me he was deploying in a week. I remember what I did, I remember how I felt, and I remember the fear that ran through my body. I walked across the street to the empty field and just sat down and cried. And cried. And cried. 

I was scared out of my mind. We had just found out I was pregnant (although we wouldn’t announce it for a few weeks after he left) and I had no idea how to process any of it. 

 Writing is what I do; it always has been. I’m not trying to brag or toot my own horn when I say this but writing has always come easy to me. When I sit down with a pen and paper or on the computer, my fingers just start moving and before I know it, I have paragraph after paragraph in front of me. 
So that’s what I did; I started a blog. I sat down and just started channeling my feelings and emotions into post after post to keep myself grounded.
 To give you a little insight, here’s the post that started it all:

As much as you try and prepare yourself for the inevitable; it’s not enough. Being an Army wife, you know that at some point or another, your husband will get deployed for weeks and months at a time; and there is not a single thing you can do about it. Even though he may feel differently, the Army always comes first. When each soldier enlisted to serve and protect their country, they also made the commitment to make the Army their first priority at all times. If the Army says jump, a soldier asks how high? And when the Army says you’re deploying, the soldier says sir yes sir…and the wife is left to clean up the mess that is to be left behind. From paying the bills, to taking care of pets and children, to continuing to try and lead a normal life, even though an Army life is anything but normal.

When I first married my husband, people seemed to think the comment of “you knew what you were getting into when you married a soldier” was some sort of relief. Actually, I fell in love with a man who has committed his life to protecting the country so that others don’t have to. I chose to follow my heart and the love I feel for my husband; not this life. But, I have tried to make the best of it thus far. I know it will continue to be a struggle every single day; not knowing when my husband will call, not knowing when I’ll get to see him again, not knowing what he’s doing and where he’s doing it. But I have to keep in mind that this is his job. He was trained for the tasks and situations he will face while overseas, and the only thing I can do is trust in that.

I had no idea where I would go with my blog after that day. Since then, I have switched blog names, domains, and met a ton of awesome ladies with whom I can relate to and develop long lasting friendships with. I’ve watched myself survive a deployment, a hellish pregnancy, and a whole lot of ups and downs over the past two years. 
I began blogging for me; I began blogging to document my feelings when I couldn’t vocalize the words. My posts kept my family and friends in the loop, but they also kept Z up-to-date on how I was doing and how our little Bean was progressing. 
I’ve archived all of my deployment posts up top, and somedays I go back and read them to remember how far we’ve come. I literally have a journal from the beginning to the end of deployment; the goodbyes, the hellos, the tears, the joy, and the relief when he stepped back on American soil, alive and in one piece.
We experienced close calls, near death experience, pregnancy scares, and daily challenges as I waited for a call to let me know he was alive. Reading my old posts is an out of body experience; I cannot believe we survived what we did, and blogging has truly impacted our lives more than I ever thought it could. 
Why did you start blogging?! Link up below! 


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