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Mom weekend recap

Time and I have a love hate relationship right now; I love that it’s going quickly because it means another day to cross off my countdown, but I hate that my mom has to head back to Ohio today. Total bummer.
I picked her up from the airport Wednesday and let’s just see she was less than impressed when we walked through my front door. I told you, this house was a disaster. But no worries, Super Mom to the rescue; this place now looks cleaner than when I moved in and it’s finally on the road to recovery.
I donated two bags to goodwill, extra food to a food drive, and can finally see the floors in all 4 bedrooms. I would say that’s a good start right? Oh and that shower… sparkling. Now if only I could fly her down every few weeks or at least every month, I would really be in business. How do you moms do it?! Please share your secrets…
Thursday I went for a hair treatment (to avoid it falling out after my ombre fail) and boy did it feel good to have my hair styled by someone else for a change. Or let’s be serious, styled period. We tackled the house the rest of the day and ended with a family walk around the neighborhood.
Friday I headed to the doctor to have my nail bed looked at because somehow, I had gotten an infection. Murphy’s Law 8, Sam 0. It seriously hurt more than anything because they had to stick a shot THROUGH that infected area right there.. to numb it. And then cut it open and clean it out. No fun. Safe to say I’ll be trying harder not to bite my nails anymore.
I headed to work Friday night for a few hours and luckily, Mama Bear was here to watch the kiddos. Saturday morning was Nolan’s gym class, followed by Buffalo Wild Wings (claw game got me again and after $7, I won that damn stuffed frog). A little shopping at Kohl’s and a few other stores in the area and then we headed back to avoid the thunderstorm.
A massive thunderstorm rolled through just as I was heading out to work a concert. Like, we’re talking it rained for hours and turned the ground into a nice little muddy mess. Lucky me. Well the weather FINALLY let up and the concert went on as planned… and THIS girl got to meet Little Miss RaeLynn. I watched her on The Voice and she is seriously just super sweet and down to earth. Oh and I also got hit on by like 1,000 basic soldier trainees and I believe an exact quote was “Dude! Females and video games!” I kid you not…
Sunday we headed to a local vendor bazaar and did a little more shopping (I’m telling you, I get it from my mama) and then lunch on the River Walk. Our plan didn’t include running through this fountain but hey, let them be little right?
On our way home, we discovered this amazing little place called Rooster’s Roost with booth beyond booth of everything you could possibly imagine; antiques, crafts, collectibles, etc. And that’s where I picked up my chandelier for my Mom Cave. I seriously love this little area and I’ll give you a little tour at a later date.
I was so thankful that my mom was able to take off work and come visit for a few days. A mom’s helpful hand and love is seriously the best medicine I could have asked for. Now I’m just counting down the days until I’ll be home in November! Can’t come soon enough 🙂





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