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Starting new Christmas traditions with your kids.

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When my brother and I were younger, we were always allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve. And it was always new Christmas pajamas! I can still remember how exciting it was to put on the new pajamas and go to bed, awaiting Santa’s arrival and the gifts he would leave under the tree. We’d barely sleep that night, wake up the minute the sun rose, run down the stairs and stand in awe at what Santa had left for us. My dad would come down and put on the Christmas music; we’d dump out our stockings, take turns opening gifts, and then turn on A Christmas Story while my mom made breakfast and we sat drowning in wrapping paper and new toys.

Now that I have my own kids, I’ve been thinking of different traditions we can start with them. So far, we’ve wrapped 24 books and allowed them to unwrap and read one every night in December. We have an Elf, Cornelius, who comes to visit us around the holidays each year to make sure they’re on their best behavior. My mom also bought my brother and me a new ornament every year so that we would have a collection to take with us when we started our own family. So they’ll be getting a new ornament each year too! And this year we’ll also be starting one of my favorite traditions with them. I’m sure you’ve guessed it… getting new Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve!

Christmas Eve has always been the best day of the year; it’s the one night that I can count on all of my family from across the country being together. Each year, we seem to grow and add new spouses or babies. This year, there will be over 30 people at our celebration! We are a big, loud Italian family and it always just makes my heart so happy to be reunited with all of them. Each year, we rotate who hosts Christmas Eve at their house and since we don’t live in Ohio anymore (sad face), we’re always at someone else’s house that night. So before we head out for the evening, we are going to let them open their new pajamas! Carter’s is always our go-to when it comes to pajamas because they’re extremely soft, comfortable, and offer a ton of different varieties and sizes. They’ve been wearing Carter’s since they left the hospital and they’ll be wearing them until they can’t fit in them anymore. Once a Carter’s kid, always a Carter’s kid 😉







The holidays are my favorite time of the year for so many reasons but the biggest reason? I love watching the excitement in my children’s eyes. I can remember feeling the same way but watching my own kids live it is even more special. Their eagerness to learn about the reason for the season, hear the Christmas songs, watch the movies, decorate the tree… all of it is so inspiring and reminds me of all the good times I had growing up. And now I get to give that back to them.

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What types of traditions did you have growing up? Do you still do them? Have you started new Christmas traditions with your kids?

If you’re looking to start the same tradition we have, you can use this coupon and head to your nearest Carter’s (or online) and get some new pajamas too! Happy Holidays!





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