Proud to be an American.

Does anyone else lose it when they hear this song? I do. Every time. 
I’ve said it before but now that my husband is actively serving our country, my views on patriotism have completely changed. I never knew how much military families sacrificed until I was one of them. Watching this video makes me so sad because I know that some families have lost their loved ones and paid the ultimate sacrifice. 
But more so, watching this video makes me SO proud that my husband is one of the selfless men and women who wake up everyday and serve their country. I’ve never been more proud, relieved, anxious, or excited when I saw him march into the gym after completing his 10 month tour to Afghanistan. To hug him and know that although some of his fellow soldiers didn’t make it home, he did. I can never thank God enough for giving me, giving us, that moment. 
I don’t tell him enough, but I am SO gosh darn proud of him and what he does. I often focus on the negative parts of military life because let’s face it, that’s what resonates when we’re apart more often than we’re together. But to say that I am married to a hero, that is one of the greatest feelings in the world. 
To all of the veterans out there, thank YOU for your service to our country and for being so selfless to stare danger in the face for the sake of people around the world. You are all heros and I cannot thank you enough. 
To our friends, I am overwhelmed with pride to say I know you and the type of people you are. You each hold a special place in my heart and when this journey comes to a close, I will look back and be so thankful I have met you along the way. 
To my husband, I love you more than words can say. Although I was unsure (and maybe still am ;)) of your decision to join the military, it has provided us with great opportunities and experiences these past three years. As we reach our halfway mark, I want you to know how proud I am of you and your decision. I cannot thank God enough for bringing you home safely to me almost three years ago and no moment will ever compare to the moment I was able to kiss you, hug you, and say “welcome home”. I pray we never have to experience another deployment but I know if anyone can do it, we can. I love you and am so proud of you. 
If you have a chance to thank a veteran today, please do. It means the world to them to know they have the support from those around them. 
I’m damn proud to be an American. Today and everyday <3


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