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Educational toy for your diaper bag.

We played and learned with our new Playskool toy as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. All opinions are my own. #PlayskoolCrew



Buying toys for children can be a challenge. You want toys to be fun, but you also want them to be educational and sharpen their fine motor skills and problem solving abilities. I’m always on the lookout for good toys that do all of the above and bonus points if they’re great to throw in my diaper bag too!



The Playskool Pop-Up Shape Sorter is all of the above. It helps children work on shapes, colors, matching, hand-eye coordination, and sharpen their fine motor skills. It’s designed for children 18 months and up, but my 3 year old also loves playing with it as well. The shapes each break into two pieces so your children can work on matching the shapes and colors with the correct piece. The middle also pops up so they can drop the shapes in it. There’s a latch on the bottom to open and retrieve the shapes. It’s great to entertain them on their own but it’s also a great tool to use while sitting down and spending some quality time with them. I’ll ask them to give me the purple triangle or the blue circle, etc. There are also pictures on the pieces that allow us to work on different words to add to their vocabulary.



It folds up super easily too which makes it the perfect educational toy for your diaper bag. With our busy schedules, it’s always great to have a compact toy to bring with us. So much of our lives these days is technology based and it’s nice to show children the importance of hands on activities. As parents, it’s so important for us to be at the root of our children’s education. It’s never too early to start teaching them colors, numbers, shapes, etc. They can pick up and learn more than we think!





This toy is also a reasonable price point and makes the perfect gift for any baby shower, birthday, or holiday. I may be purchasing quite a few of these for my nephews this year! As I’ve mentioned before, that’s one thing I always forgot as a new mom… entertainment! Babies need to be stimulated quite frequently (when they’re not sleeping or trying to go to sleep!), so it’s important to have the tools to do so.

What are your favorite toys to bring on the go? How do you practice new skills with your kids?








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