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We’re halfway through August and it’s still high 90’s here in GA. I know, welcome to the south right? I never thought I would miss CLE or Fort Drum the way I do right now. Well, the way I have all summer. I swear, once I’m an Ohio resident again, I won’t complain about the cold… deal?
I’ve mostly been wearing shorts and t-shirts or sundresses and I’m hopeful that soon enough, I can bust out some leggings and oversized sweaters. But from what I hear, that won’t happen until late October. Good thing I’ll be taking a six week sabbatical in CLE right? I can’t WAIT! By the time I get there though, there will probably be snow on the ground but like I said, no complaining.
Z and I have officially been apart for one week, which means we are one week closer to seeing each other again. I won’t say it’s been easy; it’s been an adjustment for everyone and I don’t know when it will all just click and feel like the norm again. I mean, to be honest, it won’t feel normal until he’s home and our family is whole. It’s hard to be apart from your other half; the person you go to bed with every night and wake up to every morning. The person you turn to when something good or bad happens during the day. The person who drinks a beer with you or finishes a bag of frozen Oreos. Yeah, I miss him.
But I’ve been super busy with work and the kids and I decided to make a list of things I want to accomplish while he’s gone. Might as well make the most of this time apart, right?
Finish my courses at NYIP: I decided to enroll in NYIP back when we were in Fort Drum to get my certification in photography. While at one point I was super set on opening my own little side business, now just isn’t the right time. However, I want to finish the courses so when the time is more convenient, I have that option. And it wouldn’t hurt to learn to take better pictures of my kiddos, right?
Start working out again: While the 21-Day Fix lasted for a solid 16 days, I want something that I can stick with. Whether it’s a 30 minute walk a day or a 30 minute DVD workout, I NEED to do something to help me get back into shape. I may have lost all the baby weight but now it’s time to tone.
Yoga: My anxiety has been through the roof and I’ve been told yoga is a wonderful way to control it. I’ll be on the lookout for a good yoga studio in the area…
Pay off some credit card debt: Z and I have tried to avoid using credit cards unless we absolutely have to. But we’re human and sometimes, we use them for things we don’t need. And while I wish I could wipe out my student loans (who knows how long that will take…) I can certainly work at paying off some other debt. And maybe stop shopping so much so I can put more towards the debt than I’ve been putting towards? I said maybe…
Excel at my job: While working may bring on some extra stress now that Z is gone, it’s certainly helped to keep my busy. I want to step it up and start to think outside the box; a challenge is always good for the soul, right? OH and do me a solid and click and share this link if you would, hmm k? Please and thank you!
Time management: Now that Z is gone, my life has gotten hella crazy. So many more responsibilities and a lot less time to spend on the kids, work, blog, house, etc. However at the end of the day, these kids need to be my number one priority. This week, I hope to plan out a schedule and really stick to it. I’ve been working on getting them on strict nap and bedtime schedules but it’s time I start planning times to work, workout, read, etc. Which brings me to my next point…
Read: I was never a big reader until I was put on bed rest my first pregnancy. Enter Nolan and that went out the window. However, I would love to find time to read 30 minutes a day if possible. So with that, I would love some book suggestions 🙂
If you have any other ideas to better myself or mind over the next year, I’m open to suggestions. I don’t want to stay busy just to stay busy, but rather use this time to better myself as a wife, mother, and person. I’ve always been an overachiever but the way I look at it? Staying busy leaves less room for thinking and the less time I spend thinking, the easier this will be 🙂
Suggestions… GO!





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