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I (don’t) work out.




Boden Activewear c/o// New Balance shoes (old)// Express sunnies// Cents of Style necklace c/o//Photo credit Amy Hess Photography
I don’t workout right now. I honestly wish I could but I don’t have time. And people always say “you make time for things that are important to you” but no seriously, there’s no time.
But when I do/did workout, my favorite workouts seemed to change and come in spurts. For awhile I was on a huge spinning kick and even have those fancy shoes you can clip into your bike. Then it was an obsession with Zumba which stems from my background in dance. Followed by running. Like hardcore tryna’ train for a marathon running. I’ve done the 21-Day Fix, Jillian’s 30-Day shred, and other home workouts.
But honestly, I have no motivation whatsoever right now. Maybe it’s because I’m a complete zombie by the time the kids go to bed and that’s the time I use to pick up the house, work on the blog, do the dishes, fold, sort, and deliver the laundry and other miscellaneous household tasks. Paislee is also the lightest sleeper in America and if I breathe too loudly, she wakes up. Doesn’t help her brother is like a bull in a China shop so yeah, home workouts are out of the question.
Oh and waking up early? No thanks. Not when I’ve been up three times during the night and starting my day at 6:30. But hey sleep is for the birds anyways, right? (What does that even mean anyways?)
I miss working out, I really do. And I’m hopeful that when Z gets home and we can once again split the responsibilities, I will find that passion and motivation to get in shape again. If we’re being technical, this is the least I’ve ever weighed since like my sophomore year of high school, but I’m not in shape. I’m panting by the time I get to the front of the mall or carry my toddler up the stairs. My body isn’t toned after having a baby and I absolutely hate my stomach. Only things that come with hard work and working and soon enough, I hope homegirl can get some time to do that.
Maybe this fancy workout gear from Boden will be the push I need… but it’s actually so comfy that I just want to sleep in it and wear it at all times. It’s so smooth and feels amazing against your skin, so I can only imagine it would be awesome to workout in.
It comes in navy, blue, and this beautiful red color but don’t be fooled, it’s SUPER bright. It’s kind of overwhelming when you wear it all together so I think next time, I will separate the pieces. But it makes you feel fancy enough to make cool faces like the one in the last photo above 🙂 I’m not a real person sometimes. But using the code YOGA will get you 20% off, plus free shipping and returns and that my friends is real. Real cool!! (I’m sleep deprived, shoot me). But only until Saturday so act fast!
But really.. I need your help. So tell me… how do you get motivated to workout? What workouts do you like? How do you find the time? I need to find this motivation that’s hiding somewhere and bring it out to play. Any ideas?





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