Marble Fun Run {Review}

My child has the attention span of a fly. Seriously, I am constantly running around and trying to find ways to entertain this kid!
When I was contacted to review the Marble Fun Run, I couldn’t wait to try it out with him. Of course he is too little to play with marbles by himself, but as long as he’s completely supervised and watched very carefully, I didn’t see the problem in playing with it. 
The set includes 105 pieces; different sizes, shapes, and styles to make different “runs” for the marbles. I think it would be perfect for older children who are learning how things work and how to put them together. For Bubba, he just enjoyed mommy and daddy building the fun runs and watching the marbles go down and up and down and up!
The only thing I didn’t like about this set was that the pieces weren’t very sturdy. They were very thin plastic and it just didn’t feel like what I thought it would. However, Bubba still loved it regardless 🙂

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