Random Tuesday thoughts.

I felt like being random today… because sometimes we just need to say what’s on our mind, right? 
I realized I will officially be a Georgia resident next week. Totally blowing this girl’s mind…
Call us a bunch of nerds, but my parents, brother, and I look forward to playing Jeopardy every night at 7:30. And by play, I mean we yell out the answers and see who can guess it first. We’re usually eating dinner (my parents always eat so late) and it gets real intense. We don’t keep score but we pretty much know who’s a badass and who doesn’t get to play Final Jeopardy. 
My hormones have been raging the past few weeks and seriously every little thing under the sun is driving me bat shit cray. Only a few more weeks and then hopefully I’ll be somewhat normal again. 
I have an obsession with Christmas shopping; well actually, it’s a shopping addiction in general but I’ve managed to keep buying and buying when I told myself I was done in like, October. I just like to give people gifts, I like seeing people happy, and I can’t stay out of the stores to save my life. SUE ME!
I watched the finale of The Voice last night and it made me so jealous that Christina Aguilera can just get extensions put in and taken out whenever she wants… and totally look like a superstar. It also made me a little sad my hair isn’t blonde… but spring is just around the corner, my friends 🙂 
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my next tattoo…but I can’t remember the rules on nursing and getting them. I currently have six, in case you didn’t know, and maybe one day, I’ll show you all of them. 
I’ve realized, now so more than ever, I am extremely good at forgiving but not forgetting. I can put on a game face and act like x or y never happened but when I’m alone, I run it through my head 800 times and get upset all over again. If anyone has a cure for this, please let me know. 
And that’s all I have for you today. Yeah, this post was about 100% BS but I just needed to clear my head a little. I promise I’ll bring you some actual content the rest of the week 🙂 
Happy Tuesday!


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