Parenthood isn’t always glamorous.


If you haven’t figured it out by now, I can be a bit feisty. I prefer sassy, really. But I’m me and I’m comfortable with being me. Sure I struggle with insecurities and there are things about myself I wish were different. But my sassiness isn’t one of them. So when I saw this shirt on House of W, it found it’s way into my cart immediately. And the mini bun just pushes me over the edge with the don’t give a damn attitude #byefelicia.

But if we’re being honest, my life’s not that glamourous. Some days are better than others but some days are just down right messy. My kids spill yogurt all over themselves at breakfast or I find a pile of cat vomit as we’re running out the door (late). I find puppy teeth marks in my brand new farm table or my anniversary watch goes missing (let’s not even get started on that). Somedays I don’t wear makeup because my face is so broken out and other days I spend 15 minutes trying to cover my teenage acne. Stress? Hormones? I don’t know. But that’s a story for another day…











Do I always share the mess? No. Sometimes I do. I try to find a balance between being real and coming off as ungrateful or complaining. Because trust me I am not complaining about my choice to be a stay-at-home-mom. It’s challenging and it’s a learning curve, just as working outside the home is. I’ve talked about it before but I didn’t choose to stay at home in the beginning, that’s just what was most practical at the time. And while it’s still the most practical option for us as this time, I no longer want a job outside the home. So now, I’ve chosen it.

I’ve heard women make comments that they’re a better mom for working outside the home. That when they’re around their kids too much, it makes them a bad mom. And I don’t judge them for that at all. We all handle things differently and who knows, maybe I would be a better mom if I worked outside the home. But I don’t. So over the years, I’ve had to learn when to take a breather on the kitchen floor or put on a movie and call it a day. And has time goes on, I realize how much I really do love staying at home with my kids. Even on the tough days.

I love spending time with my kids. Somedays are more enjoyable than others and somedays I’m blowing up my husband’s phone asking when he’s coming home. But as I sat in the backyard the other day and just watched my kids play, I realized something. That there was literally no other place in the world I needed to be at that moment. That I may have deadlines and there may be things around the house that need done but why do I stress myself out!? Everything always gets done in one way or another. Maybe I stay up late or get up early (let’s be serious, it’s stay up late because I am NOT a morning person anymore) or Z takes the kids on the weekend while I catch up on work and housework. But it gets done.

I’m not perfect. I raise my voice. I forget to shower. I pack Poptarts for lunch. My car is full of Starbucks cups and other garbage. I co-sleep with my almost 2.5 year old. I forget to pay bills. I let food go bad. I slack on cleaning the litter box. I make mistakes and I screw up day after day. But if there’s one thing I know, this house is full of love. My kids know they’re loved and they’re happy. What more could I ask for?

My life is far from glamourous. But I wouldn’t change it for anything.




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