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4 years of army life.

The day he left; November 10th 2010
Four years ago today, I watched my husband, boyfriend at the time, take an oath to protect our country. I kissed him goodbye and anxiously awaited phone calls and letters from my soldier while he was at basic training. I said “yes” to him and this lifestyle when he asked for my hand in marriage. I said “I do” when we exchanged vows  and I packed my bags without question when we received orders to our first duty station.
1 year in the Army; deployed in Afghanistan 2011


Two PCS moves.
Two deployments.
Two kids.
And countless hours and days spent apart.
Two years in the Army; Veteran’s Day 2012
This lifestyle isn’t always easy, but being with the one you love is. There’s no questioning what the heart wants. It wants what it wants and it loves who it loves. And although we don’t plan on continuing on with this lifestyle much longer, it’s certainly taught us lessons that only could have been learned while in it.
To love hard.
To appreciate our time together.
To trust the system and God.
To appreciate each other and the jobs we do.
To communicate clearly.
To say “I’m sorry” quickly.
To say “I love you” all of the time.
And so much more.
Three years in the Army; Veteran’s Day 2013
I am so thankful for the experiences we’ve been given and the friendships we’ve bad thus far. It can be lonely at times but the friends we’ve mad and the memories we have, are irreplaceable.
And although I don’t say it nearly enough, I am SO proud of him and what he does. No one made him enlist and told him to choose this life. He did it willingly and gives up so much on a daily basis. I love him more than anything and although we’ve had our ups and downs the past four years, we have the rest of our lives together and that makes it worth it.
After every sunrise holding you, after all the crazy we’ve been through
Every day every minute girl it’s something new, I’m still learning
Still burning, still wanting, still all-in, still falling.
Here’s to the next few years of craziness; to making memories and making the most of it. Because at the end of the day, I’m still falling for this man. And that makes the crazy worth it.





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