Monday musings.

Ugh, someone give me an IV of coffee, would ya?! This weekend was super busy but thankfully, it was well spent with my people. Since we’re moving (did you catch that? Read up on it here) my landlord has listed our house for sale. Which means lots of showings=leaving the house a lot. So I can confidently say we spent a lot of time outside of the house this weekend!

Saturday morning we grabbed coffee while we had a showing, dropped the dog back off at home and headed to Lady’s ballet class. Followed by an immediate hop to the other side of town for Bubby’s tee ball game. After his game we ran home to change and then left again for you guessed it, another showing. We grabbed lunch at Zoe’s Kitchen and stopped at the old prison turned apartment complex near our house and it was SO coo. I’m not sure I could live there because it just kind of creeped me out but the idea behind it is pretty creative!

Sunday morning we had two more showings so we took a walk to the playground, grabbed some donuts, and prepped for a BBQ at a friend’s house. I swear, I always make friends and then it’s time to move. One thing I won’t miss about military life is making friends just to leave them. But I do love the fact that I know people all over the country.

This is a super exciting week for a few reasons but first, because my intern starts this morning! Well one of them at least 🙂 The other one will be working remotely so I will be training her via Skype but I’m excited to have one here with me. Stay tuned for an intro!

Hope y’all have a kickass Monday… see you tomorrow!  XO



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