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Empowering women to look and feel their best.

The Samantha Show reaches a variety of women in all stages of life. Samantha believes confidence is the key to happiness and every woman deserves to feel that. 

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Blog Posts

Each blog post is created with your brand and my audience in mind. By organically weaving your brand or products in with my life experience, I create beautifully curated content and images to share with my followers.

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How to navigate a career as a military spouse.

Preparing for the end of boating season. 

Updated Sunroom Tour

How to try the wrap bracelet trend. 

Why we’ve started using Home Made Simple products in the home. 

Best things to do in Dayton, Ohio.

Tips on how to keep a house clean with kids.

How to get softer and smoother skin.

Social Media Posts

Samantha creates lifestyle content that organically features a product or brand while staying true to herself and her own aesthetic. She only works with brands she truly loves and that would benefit her audience by sharing. She’s built her community over the past 9.5 years and they truly value her opinions and look to her for inspiration in all facets of life. 

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Life + Style blogger


Samantha is a 30-something wife and mother of three. She started her blog in 2011 as a way to cope with her husband deploying to Afghanistan. What started as a hobby has now become her full-time job.  She has created a community of women all over the world who look to her for advice, inspiration, and most importantly, a glimpse into a “real” mom doing the best she can. Samantha prides herself on being open and honest with her audience and sharing the ups and downs of life. No one is perfect, and she will never pretend to be. 


Samantha features content centered around affordable and practical fashion, parenting tips and experiences, solo and family travel, home decor and inspiration, and more! 


Rates available upon request.

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Cleveland, OH

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