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Thoughts of a last minute shopper.


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No matter how prepared I think I am, I’m never really done Christmas shopping. Maybe it’s because I love to shop and I’m secretly finding an excuse. I know I can’t be the only one and if you’ve ever found yourself in this situation, you’ve probably had some of these thoughts…

Thoughts of a last minute shopper:

“Oh I forgot to get that person a gift.. damn it!”

“What if I didn’t get them enough? Maybe I should add something else to their gift.”

“I should have some gifts on hand in case someone brings me a gift and I don’t have anything for them.”

“Buy one get one free?! Well duh I need to go and take advantage of that.”

“Why is there so much traffic… COME ON.”

“I didn’t get anything for the dog… I should probably get something for the dog.”

“I’m not sure they’ll like this… oh well, if they don’t like it they can just return it.”

“Why are these lines so long?!”

“I still need to get something for the mailman, the kids’ teachers, the Starbucks baristas, you know, the people we see everyday.”

“I changed my mind and need to go return this…and then get them something else.”

“I didn’t need any of this… I’m taking it all back.”

“I won’t do this next year. Next year, I’ll be prepared.”

And with that being said, I’m off to fight the crowds… Merry Christmas!

thoughts of a last minute shopper





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