Fab Kids…genius!

We’ve all heard of JustFab right? Basically, you take a style quiz and they provide you with shoes and accessories you’d like based on your answers. Of course you can just shop like normal too, but I love that they tailor the selections based on your personal style!
Well when FabKids contacted me, I couldn’t wait to try their services! As you know, I don’t have a daughter and at the moment, they are only offering girls clothing. However, I do have a ton of “nieces” and I was so excited to send them a FabKids outfit! 


  1. Create A Style Profile. Take our fun, quick and free Style Profile Quiz so we can get to know your girl.
  2. Shop Your Outfit Picks. Each month you’ll find new outfits styled just for your girl. Every outfit includes 3 pieces for just $39.95. You can buy the outfit you love or skip the month altogether.
  3. Receive Your New Outfit. Your new FabKids outfit ships free and will arrive within 

 I chose this one for Bubba’s girlfriend, Riley, and she looked ADORABLE in it (as expected). 

The materials were super soft and I love that it is something I would wear in my size. I love when kids are dressed like little mini mes and look like little ladies. 

I love that you can shop for trendy clothes for little ones without even leaving the house! Sometimes Bubba is such a handful at the mall and I would rather just shop for gifts at home online. I reallllly hope FabKids comes out with a boys collection soon… I will be all over that one! 🙂


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