Grown-up time.



Happy Monday friends! Coming to you live from Cleveland, Ohio this morning 🙂
I love being here. Ohio is and will always be home and it makes me excited to think that we will be moving back here in two years. I never appreciated it until we had no choice but to leave it and now, I’m thankful for the time away. Seeing other places and experiencing other parts of the country has been a blessing but now, we know where our home will eventually be.
Don’t mind how rough I look.. it was a long day…haha
Most of our weekend was pretty low key. We got in late Friday night and of course, the kids were bouncing off the walls until about midnight. We “slept in” Saturday morning (like 8 am) and then headed to Chagrin Falls with my mom. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend going there. They have the cutest shops, waterfalls, and the best sandwich place ever… Dave’s Cosmic Subs.
Zach’s birthday is the 22nd and we had planned on going to tailgate for the Browns game downtown Sunday for their last home game. Apparently I forgot it was December in Cleveland and not many people were down to tailgate outdoors. Which was fine with me because it was raining and nasty out. But we headed to a bar and met our friends for a few drinks and then decided we would just get lunch and watch the game somewhere down there.
Well let’s just say Christmas Ale made a decision for us and we bought tickets from someone on the street. Happy birthday babe 😉 So we headed to the stadium and took our seats in the Dawg Pound. And although the Browns lost.. bad… we had a great time together 🙂
I often get so wrapped up in being a mom. With the kids being so little and so needy, it’s hard to break away from my mom duties and do things for myself, let alone get to spend time with my husband. But we both know it needs to be more of a priority and now that he’s home, I hope we can make more time for ourselves and spend more time together.


So here’s my questions to moms… how do you balance time with your kids and your significant other?? I want to find a balance of family time and grown-up time and would love any suggestions 🙂
Hope you all had a great weekend too… see you tomorrow! 🙂 xoxo





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