Inspiring Facebook Status and a Giveaway!

I don’t get to peruse Facebook often, but I had a few minutes the other morning while Bubba was eating breakfast and thought I would stalk see what was going on. I saw a status that totally hit home with me and I had to share it. 
The status was something along the lines of having a million people tell you how beautiful, sweet, real, etc you are but there’s always going to be someone who tries to bring you down and ruin it for you. And this got me thinking. Why do we let that happen? Why do we let them do that to us? 
I’m not the most confident person in the world and seem to let negative people have a larger affect on me than the positive ones. Whether it’s my photography skills, my parenting techniques, or other personal decisions, I feel like I’m always letting one negative comment or person bring me down when I have a million people supporting me in all my life endeavors. 
I guess it’s human nature; it only takes one negative comment out of 100 positive ones to make us second guess ourselves or question what we’re doing. But we shouldn’t do that. Sure, one negative comment can hurt us and bring us down, but we need to look at the glass as half full instead of half empty. 
Ask my husband; every time he compliments me or tells me I’m beautiful, my first words  out are usually “Ew, I don’t even have makeup on” or “Ugh, yeah right. I’m fat”. Is this wrong? Absolutely. But when you’ve heard so many terrible things in the past, how do you start believing in yourself and that the good things are the truth? 
I’m going to make a conscious effort to ignore the negative comments and embrace the positive ones. I think we could all use a little reminder of the positivity in our lives and ignore the negativity 🙂 
On that note, I’d like to introduce you to Neely! She’s been hanging out in my posts all month and it’s time to get to know her in case you already haven’t 🙂 She’s an absolute doll, so helpful, and a great friend of mine. Plus, she’s giving away an amazing prize… so  say hello and go enter to win! 
Hey Guys Im Neely! Im so excited to be hanging out on my biffle Samantha’s blog today! I just adore her! In fact of course she had to be visiting Dallas a few weekends ago when I was out of town…NOT FAIR! 
Anyways! I want to give a little something something away today but first a little about me:
Im a Dallas girl born and raised. I blog(obvi) I freelance write and I have my own Social Media company called Waste of Makeup Media LLC. I love working from home and making shiz happen. My day is not complete without a great workout(running, bar method, spin) and a good book. I recently have been giving myself a bit of a no spending challenge and if you’ve ever read my blog I even gave up Starbucks! Yep Im making lattes at home now(which is you are a starbucks addict like me I highly suggest. It will cost you about .60 a day at home 🙂
I love makeup, clothes, reality TV, a great glass of wine, handbags, my boyfriend A, our families, babies(my friends are all pregnant!), Fall(not a huge fan of summer) and of course blogging. 

I hope you enjoy this super fun Summer Giveaway of some of my favorite things: A Sephora Gift Card, A monogrammed Tervis(perfect for the pool) and 2 of my must have essie colors(Turquoise and Caicos and Boom Boom Room) 
Come visit my blog and say hi and if you are feeling super generous I am nominated currently for Best Local Dallas Blogger and I would love love love your vote! You can vote here: http://dallas.cityvoter.com/a-complete-waste-of-makeup-blog/biz/660697?r=badge


“Some days just are…A Complete Waste of Makeup”




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